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Sepp Blatter had said before the tournament began

value of information and export performance, as well as the quality of export products.---To exchange information and enhance publicity. The Council through local news media andEditor's Note: football to what it is today, is no longer purely a sport, its enormous commercial value of modern football attractive to different industries, in the ray ban sunglasses outlet uk eyes of business football has become a "money tree".FIFA President Sepp Blatter had said before the tournament began, including players, coaches, referees and tournament officials, the world will have 2. 500 million people and the World Cup, "intimate contact"; next to each of them, there will be 4 to 5 people in a variety of ways indirectly involved in the World Cup. Therefore, the global "State Cup" officers are released enterprise information, form, timely will national QC General on new ray ban wayfarer sizes on export Ethiopia products implementation shipment Qian test of bulletin and in the Egyptian QC cooperation agreement conveys to each export production enterprise, and trade company, and import and export agents, units;

 upgrade abroad customer and domestic enterprise on "quality test, and value assessment and monitored mount", 3 items work of identity, promoting shoes class export shipment Qian test of smooth for, guarantee import and export trade normal of carried out. While, according to in the Egyptian QC cooperation agreement, and on carried out on Ethiopia export products shipment Qian test work of notification, on quality, and number, and security, and health, and environmental project test, price audit, supervision mount and boxing of requirements wrote job guide specification, carefully planning test prison loaded plans, to guarantee export products quality, and number and price of authenticity, stop fraud behavior, combat fake products export.---Adhere to the "two grasp", good close, serve well. Quanzhou Council active intervention, to Enterprise do legal regulations policy propaganda; according to Ethiopia domestic trade regulations

 and standard construction relative lag, on shoes class products quality requirements not full, timely reminded enterprise should requirements customer in contract Shang clear quality terms, and guide Enterprise do production full process control; in test content, and method, and standard, and program, concerned, Quanzhou Council strictly according to export statutory test work of existing practices Executive, timely seriously verification site goods of mark head, and batch, and name, and number, and models/specifications , And packaging situation, and container box, identifies test work; in price assessment work Shang, Quanzhou Council and according to objective, and fair, and unified, and reasonable of price verification principles, to export Enterprise provides of contract, and invoice of FOB price for based, combines market compared method and cost calculation method, by same or similar goods of sold price for reference determines export goods of price; prison loaded Hou, through plus Shi CIQ seal General and photography,

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