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brands. Ding zhizhong Hu Zhonghui of the first and most

 brands. Ding zhizhong Hu Zhonghui of the first and most important task is the preparation of Anta display retail manual, period is two months.At that time, the sneaker market and management mode in China are changing, ray ban tech sunglasses cheap sneakers and shoes on the shelves in the past mixed exhibition scene began to disappear, some end retailers will be mixed Cabinet business to counter operation, Anta lead counter steering is an array of dozens of leading retailers from three square meters-square-meter store. But to lead the guerrilla-style retailers do this kind of change is not easy, "you have to let those who may ray ban wayfarer sunglasses ebay uk only have a high school culture businessmen understand what branding is" Hu Zhonghui recalled. They almost know nothing about store concept, even the simple clothes folded and placed without knowing the specification, these are "having to detail indicate it in the manual." Hu Zhonghui need popularity to retailers including "triangle method to open a shop" such simple marketing knowledge, that is, on the high street and other downtown

areas, set up shop as much as possible so that the other brands surround potential.Meanwhile, up to more than 70 shops regulations is rapidly distributed into the hands of more than more than 4,000 end retailers, required in accordance with the regulations. Some frequent domestic flying "mystery shopper" will quietly gather evidence that those who store illegal, the company intends to carry out the punishment, or to reward retailers that conform to the specification.Retailing at a Terminal change, Anta has also changed depend on celebrity endorsements that a marketing gimmick, and began to take core specialization as a sponsor. In 2002, Anta and sponsors do not look on the China University Basketball Association (CUBA) Alliance then targeted the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) game, an annual amount of 20 million Yuan for a 7-year exclusive sponsorship rights. Later operation proved that these two investments than "list of big name star endorsement fees" worth. Not only money, Anta also provides each team with

 dedicated personal service, asks players to Anta product improvements. For more experienced players when moving or static form data, customized for its more appropriate clothing, protective gear, shoes, small spare no expense to purchase specialized equipment used in the CBA League, because this measure is too large and scanning equipment, and unable to withstand the violent Jolt, rail is the only way in every field, and light freight costs alone were as high as 200,000 yuan a year.After breaking changesManagers ' professionalism to Anta, brought about by the tremendous changes, Ding zhizhong started to think seriously about organizational change and development issues. City Heng group already on the market as early as in 1998, its CEO Xu lianjie normalizes the Heng on radical transformation and even family members forcibly kicked out instances of management, to Ding zhizhong was shattered, and making it more firm resolve of the broken walls of family management. Anta's senior decision-making meeting, he found, would also

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