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sector shipments to foreign customers mistake which led

ago, when he was discovered to have to read a lot when they are not familiar with, he began slowly, bold mandate, will those who do not know or do not understand the file back to the Manager, and later to inform them of a buy ray ban wayfarer sunglasses similar file without report, can decide on their own approval.This management style initially was not used by many professional managers. Shortly after ceiling step one manager as its sector shipments to foreign customers mistake which led to the complaint, his compensation to Ding asked if, as well as specific compensation amounts. Did not expect was that Ding had told him ray ban aviator sizes uk  that he was supposed to have the final say, "because I do not understand the situation.""I never punish erring managers, I allow them to err, but only one request: tell me, exactly what led to the error and how to correct it. "He said.Has done such a switch, because he could feel at high speed in running, relying on experience is beyond the management of limits. He needs to manage the more than 7,000 people in the company, as well as the 37 dealers and

 more than more than 4,000 retail stores, without the OEM only own factory production and sales up to 8.9 million pairs of shoes a year. Ding to Anta's next growth "Highland" setting in the sporting goods retail. Last October, the ANTA Group invested up front sporting goods development limited, which sells brands such as adidas, Reebok, Kappa sportswear, because "retail business profits will be higher."Are all out to welcome the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and more and more affluent people have more leisure timeA few days ago, the chongren County Public Security Bureau, the introduction of Qinghua LiDE footwear company limited officially signing settle in Chong ren industrial park. The project built by the Fujian businessman Chen JianMing to invest 30 million Yuan, mainly produce various kinds of sports shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes. After the project is completed and put into production, annual sales revenue of up to 122 million Yuan, tax delivery of 4.8 million Yuan.Shoe-making industry development in most African countries, requires

large imports of footwear products each year. Therefore, the footwear products are the strengths of China light industry products exports to African countries. Features of the shoe-making industry of Fujian province, superior industries, of which about 58% of the province's shoe-making enterprises in Quanzhou, making casual sport shoes-oriented products.Quanzhou export footwear is ideal for consumption needs of African countries, therefore, strive to open up African markets, the footwear also became a Quanzhou products the ideal choice for diversification of the export market.To maintain the good image of Chinese products in Africa, Quanzhou export inspection and quarantine on the area of Ethiopia footwear product quality services, for all the support.---Focusing on preshipment inspection. To ensure that preshipment inspection should have a good start, Quanzhou 10 companies of regional exports to Ethiopia in the past conducted comprehensive surveys and mapping, understanding of their export testing of footwear batch, the quantity and

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