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their Anta brand management and corporate administrative

 launched its own factory, after which he constantly changes the name of the company, struggling to make money by OEM for other enterprises. Originally founded by ANTA, even VI is not professionally designed, trademarks ray ban large metal aviator uk  are just simple Arial Hanyu Pinyin, didn't even register, the turnover only millions of years.In 1998, Ding zhizhong hired the first important professional managers leaves, and Ding to let their Anta brand management and corporate administrative services in Jinjiang of the family management of Golden, this was a very bold and unusual move. At that time, Ding zhizhong's father, brother and other family member occupies an important position in the company.Help Ding zhizhong to begin a new adventure, he lobbied the latter in OEM production of immediate profit, appreciate the value of brand ray ban sunglasses online In 1999, the small odds, determined to 800,000 heavily employ Chinese table tennis players Kong Linghui as Anta brand spokesperson, and boldly betting annual profits from advertising on television. At that time, Anta sales

income of 50 million Yuan, profit of just 4 million. This kind of behavior of a gambling nature is more of a tough Hunt, yet ultimately achieved unprecedented success. In demonstrative effect with the Anta, up to more than 1400 people so far in Jinjiang is overrun with celebrity endorsements, became the gold rush of advertisers, Star brokers here and proving ground.Professional managers of successful shock Anta original family-management system, more and more professional managers started unintentionally absorbed in, Ding felt "as if the door pushed open a door to the Sun". Despite these outsiders just to serve as the Director of some non-core services, Ding's family members still dominate key sectors such as production, sales, and finance, but the locality of the metamorphosis of the butterfly effect began to appear at a later date.They bring more advanced marketing and management concept, in an increasing homogenization of competition of Jinjiang, Anta began to show always one step ahead of the ability to seize opportunities.

2000, Ann stepped first started Olympic marketing strategy, using Sydney Games zoom brand influence; Dang all Jinjiang sneakers manufacturer also in was a years only 3 months sales season of market rule by trapped Shi, 2001, Ann stepped began brewing integrated movement supplies concept, into movement clothing, and distribution ornaments and the movement devices category of sales, upgrade single shop sales total, and extended has sales season; 2003 began, Ann stepped first import has Terminal management reform, a modified zhiqian allowed free, and Indifferent to industry practices rule and put in resources to helping distributors achieve operational upgrades, wholesale and retail businesses is promoted to a simple sporting regional operators, promoted to the sales department business companies.Anta former brand Director Hu Zhonghui still remember the first day of work on February 1, 2001, she joined the ANTA brand management--it's just three people from the Center, but bore the burden of specification for standard-setting and promotion of

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