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Chinese Yang Wei Li of Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan also spared


to geometry.Color: most collocation method is pants, socks, shoes by color combination. In addition, can also be pants and shoes with the same color, and socks with different colors, but avoid the color contrast is too big, ray ban large metal aviator uk such as black and white. Again, pants for one color, while shoes and socks made with the color, so that more prominent personalities. Has been on the international scene, fight for the Chinese Yang Wei Li of Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan also spared no pains in support of emerging brands in China. On April 24, the proud Dragon sporting goods Ltd signed a contract with discount ray ban sunglasses online Jackie Chan in Beijing, announced that Jackie from now on as the company's spokesperson. As a fast-growing sports brand in the country, proud long used his Olympic Games held in Beijing go "2008 Chinese pride proud Dragon" this move and ask Jackie Chan served as brand spokesman, committed to take off again from domestic to international.Focus pays homage to Jackie and proud dragons General Manager Tang Yanqiang side, reporters also saw several new faces,

 according to reports, they are Dragon brand signing up Jackie Chan and proud, but urban sports theme movie to tune in a new Director and new cast. Jackie Chan itself distributed the superstar charisma, and proud dragons maintain a natural, unique taste and personality, simplicity and refinement of the brand image, of staging a scene for the scene "double dragons"."Pride" from the value of "Chinese power"A press conference, Chan is very easy-going, brimming with his trademark smile on her face. As the proud Dragon sporting goods brand spokesman, Chan is looking very "proud" in front of reporters asked me why would speak proud Dragon, he said "proud Dragon, I am the proud Dragon! "" Mainly because I see that proud of dragons and I have a common objective, is willing to see the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, see China's continuous strong! " Words of a heart's nest, expressed his pride and the Dragon "doomed love".It is understood that the proud Dragon sporting goods Ltd is a company specializing in sports shoes and apparel, supplemented by related series of sports equipment for the core business of large companies with strong research and development capabilities, management team and skilled

manipulation of the market, athletic shoe market and the rapid rise of the Mainland, and industry attention. Earlier, after a proud Dragon sporting a number of liaison and communication, Chan found his dragon's brand identity and positioning is in line with their own images, and jumped at the invitation to act as brand spokesman, mobilizing for the proud Dragon brand promotion."The proud Dragon brand unique sport and passion of vitality, with Jackie Chan on the silver screen with shiny, diligently pursued in their careers in life, tranquil and peaceful temperament, complement each other, a perfect pair. "This brand spokesman Tang Yanqiang satisfaction was palpable," accompanied by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is approaching, the ' double Dragon ' stage is '2008 Chinese pride proud dragons! ' Made a very good comment. ”Hand in pushing new and original filmAnd unlike most sign up brand spokesman, proud Dragon with Jackie Chan in addition to domestic and foreign markets started the company "China card", it will be produced at a low cost business

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