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agents while agent over products, Jinjiang of small brand

Ann stepped just Jinjiang 3,000 home shoes factory in the of a, 1997 Shi Ann stepped of sales only 50 million Yuan around, profit only 5% to 8%, and, although Ann stepped took pains to in national one or two, and wire city women's ray ban jackie ohh sunglasses are established has than yiqian more several times of sales dot, but due to these agents while agent over products, Jinjiang of small brand and is clutter, so these sales network fundamental up not to what role.Until 1997, hired a marketing expert who leaves told Ding zhizhong Nike through the rise of sports stars ' story, the two men hit it off. In 1999, Anta a contract at an annual cost of 800,000 dollars table tennis world champion Kong Linghui, and took out the nearly 5 million yuan in profits in the first half of that year, CCTV sports channel for advertising, which at that time ray ban justin sunglasses cheap was an absolute surprise.In 2000, won the table tennis men's Singles Champion Kong Linghui in the Sydney Olympic Games, while shouting at the TV "I choose, I like" slogan, Anta was an instant hit. In 2000, Anta's sales volume exceeded

300 million Yuan, is 1997 's 6 times!Anta's success attracted a large number of clones, Jinjiang sports shoes brands employ sports stars as spokesmen in 2003, put in Jinjiang sports shoes brands of CCTV's sports channel in as many as 44, CCTV's sports channel has also been nicknamed "Jinjiang sports shoes channels." But thousands of people, means of homogenization competition did not bring success to latecomers, 2004 "of the successful marketing ? Cenozoic most competitive brand survey" shows that Jinjiang brands such as deerhui, xtep, Buick did not appear in the list.In fact, a careful analysis, "sports stars + CCTV ads" can only be regarded as Anta is a risk factor of success in the Chinese market, its real magic is its powerful distribution network. From 2004 "of the successful marketing ? Cenozoic investigation report on the most competitive brand" we can find, both in the mass market and in the College market, Anta brand penetration indicators are very prominent, ranked in the first place.Ding zhizhong I founded Anta company, has many years

experience of selling Jinjiang sports shoes, well aware of the importance of sales channels. Leaf, who also said: "Anta's biggest advantage is extensive, we all don't pass one, two or three-tier cities. ”Anta "Star + advertising" really impress is the local agents and distributors. This writer has attended shoe fairs and found that placed huge stars advertising boards as long as the supplier of vendor stalls must be gathered, even though who also remember the star and brand affinity. Which is a unique phenomenon in the Chinese market.Anta brand's promotion opportunities can be exploited, the whole system was vastly improved, from distributors and agent counters quickly turn into stores to grading the franchise model of business cooperation. At present, the ANTA has more than 3,000 stores across the country, particularly in very high coverage of third-tier cities. It is Anta brothers ahead of city and with well-known foreign brands such as Nike, adidas compete mainly on the price/performance factor. Positioning professional

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