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through strategic cooperation with agents, covering more than 80


through strategic cooperation with agents, covering more than 80 cities across the country for a short time ... ... Meanwhile, other Jinjiang brands and store building, on a pedestrian street in Changsha, sneaker stores ray ban sunglasses outlet uk up to 7, including Jinjiang brand to reach 5. If you lose the great advantage of sales outlets, Anta, how to deal with the attack from both sides?Secondly, the "Star + advertising" had not turned, how sports marketing? In fact, the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Anta's celebrity endorsement is not outstanding.Anta in professional and technical services focused on sync up with Nike, according to United States Sports Association's survey, street on sports science and technology in recent years new ray ban wayfarer sizes has become less and less attention. Philip Kotler: "sneaker has become an important fashion representatives, it is said, when girls were boys invited to go on a date, we must first look at each other wearing sneakers. ” Chinese sporting goods market with its vast spaces, along with Beijing's successful Olympic bid, sports industry as

a pioneer of the sporting goods market appeared more clearly and quickly, many fashionable and technologically advanced sporting goods for consumers provides more room and sports marketing in China during the warring States period coming.Brands, indicating the product directionAccording to the relevant statistics, currently multinationals and private enterprise, is the most robust domestic shoes market forces. With the sports good market prospects in the next few years, trainers will no doubt plays a driving role in the development of the sporting goods market. In light of this, some sneaker companies have begun to act, all very familiar to Anta, xtep, deerhui had come in the front now, and they are "Chinese shoes" Jinjiang "flyke" has strong into the market, already fierce cutthroat competition is more intense."Business is business, and everyone who is trying to be a sports shoe market, but rushing headlong into mass action will only make the consumers to get, you should work harder on its brand and strength ... ...". Field

later as a brand of sneakers, the "flyke" products from the planning stage at the brand-building in the first place. Advent, signed as dawn xinwei Group enhances its brand spokesperson, spending huge sums to enable Aero in Guangzhou and quickly filmed a television advertisement, the action immediately sparked numerous media vigorously pursued. Xinwei group in Beijing in recent days to spend money, held a mammoth fly g dawn sign press conference and the 2004 fall/winter new products order, dawn also visit the site for "flying k" brand started the promotion helped. Press release, xinwei "flyke" concept shoe auction huge funds modestly funded migrant schools, as group chairman Lin Wenjian, General Manager over the years actively sponsored charity and education. In response to a reporter's question, Lin Wenjian, said Chairman, xinwei takes more than simply doing business success, but also to assume their social responsibilities, becoming guides and disseminators of advanced culture, and realize the enterprise's mission and vision.


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