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outdoor products. "At present, Changsha market

outdoor products. "At present, Changsha market, there's a lot of "outdoor" products. Outdoor shoes such as Anta a, costs 180 dollars only, look with sneakers is no different, and sales staff is introduced: waterproof leather, ray ban tech sunglasses cheap  shoes also won't get wet in the rain. "This is obviously not too wide of the mark. To not wet in a rainstorm shoes, waterproof shoes must have at least reached 20,000. "Yang said.Under obstacles, sports brands in outdoor markets Act, has required great efforts.Pengbingzhong Professor, school of Hunan University of economy and trade said: "Li Ning, brands such as PUMA already has a certain reputation, you can take this break; professional outdoor brands on product positioning and wanders away. "Reporter's notesBreak keyExperience of the "high inventory, discounts, to shut up shop and tides", the sports brands to look for another way out. Aimed at "outdoor", and some into the "physical"  ray ban wayfarer sunglasses ebay uk market, and piled on to launch a variety of "God-like Unreal" products.Hundreds of thousands of dollars of outdoor products, chances

are you don't use at all, and a lot of outdoor products not standards at all. So, for outdoor still doesn't know much about consumers, do not blindly follow.Sports brand and shifted to other areas that "breakthrough"?In fact, honest product is the "transit". Blindly rush into new spheres, one is not familiar with, secondly, product homogeneity, saturating channels, similar problems such as high inventory and cut-throat competition is not necessarily does not happen, maybe the next closing surge is already on the way. HC shoes net news, April 18, Chengdu international trade city market brand shoes, children's shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, cloth shoes started Street. In the field, Southwest's largest branded fashion shoes executives to show buyers across the country, Chengdu the summer's most popular brands of shoes, and cheaper than Lotus pond 5 Yuan each prices benefit consumers.10 days later, on April 28, the Chengdu international trade city market of leather shoes, men's fashion brands will also officially open streets, will

not only be released this summer, latest fashion leather bag, fashion brand shoes, will also offer greater concessions to buyers and members of the public, and even car!Solenopsis invicta Buren opened two wholesale and retail harvestThe morning of April 18, shoes, leather bags market in Chengdu international trade City area gongs and crowds.The same day, Yang Chang in Chengdu international trade city Wenzhou businessmen, 3 floor, brand fashion shoes store officially opened. A long time ago, he's take goods in Chengdu international trade city wholesale price 5 Yuan cheaper than in the Lotus pool of news to old customers. That day opened the door, customers flooded in, all rush orders. Closed by yesterday afternoon, Yang Chang in the open street, wholesale turnover reached more than 200,000 Yuan on the first day."HA HA, business is good today, I never thought there were so good!" Ye Shanghong in Chengdu international trade City District Gallery children's shoe stores operated by yesterday's heavy traffic. From morning to afternoon, the

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