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grams, and Asia ceremony have, and deerhui, and xidelong

 grams, and Asia ceremony have, and deerhui, and xidelong, well-known brand.Now, in this shoe shoes gathered in numerous buy ray ban wayfarer sunglasses  domestic and international well-known brands, "tide shoe" brand quickly developed. Despite nearly two years of shoe and dress a little better its decadence, but the past six months, many micro-enterprises still have sprung up one after another, and some products are favored by young men and women.In many of the "city shoes" businesses, Choi Chi apparel through quality products and a fashion layout in the market thriving, simple and versatile shoes by consumers like flashes. Recently, Fujian TV station eight min program new charisma, the current tide Choi Chi shoes shoe trends interview with Zhang Yijia, General Manager, talked about the current tidal shoes market development and awareness of fashion shoes.Video: "tidal shoes" Choi Chi Zhang

Yijia talk industry trends:Video: Choi Chi Zhang Yijia about tidal shoes market trendsVideo: Choi Chi Zhang Yijia about tidal shoes market trends"In 2011, I designed a very simple and versatile tidal shoes, it was a very bold idea. I only use a material uppers of shoes, suede material is costly, only costs will be more than 200,000, and purchased 500 yards, a 6-color, but I still fight, "Zhang said.Zhang Yijia designed this shoe so that industry sales of eye-popping, Choi-Chi was also "city shoes" one gun and red. Since then, Choi-Chi "tidal shoes" become trendsetters in the industry, became the object of many products designed to imitate. It is reported that in those days, many colleagues followed Choi Chi sold shoes, according to Zhang Yijia's own estimates, in that year, the number of shoes including the imitation of others, sell, ray ban aviator sizes uk  at least tens of millions of pairs.Zhang's

venture is a "tidal shoes" microcosm of the growth process of the forces nouvelles, after nearly two years of development, has now become the market leader. Although Choi Chi people have accumulated certain experience and advantages, but Zhang Yijia clearly recognized that existing model does not control the future success. Enterprise's growth thanks to the mutually beneficial cooperation between business partners, thanks to the talent and accumulated knowledge of application and play thanks to the cohesion of the enterprise. A good business is bound to have an excellent corporate culture and a good corporate culture is bound to create a successful business. HC shoe network on August 6, Chinese shoe industry woes is spreading across the industry. Top international brands such as Nike, adidas face stock crisis, domestic sportswear brands into a quagmire of destocking collectively. Brands with low end retail market also affected upstream manufacturing, footwear manufacturing base in the world many factories have closed down, Dongguan,

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