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the world's largest shoe-making bases in Dongguan, along the way from

the world's largest shoe-making bases in Dongguan, along the way from time to time to see the empty factory building for lease. As the downturn has been maintained for a long period of time, when the manufacturing industry suffered when such news has read enough of winter, when people thought that turnaround ray ban sunglasses outlet uk  soon appeared, who knew the most difficult time has just come. Upgrading extremely difficult at this stage, in addition to the financial issues, supporting the environment is worse. Manufacture of high-end shoes in Dongguan, in the shoe market, are now almost impossible to find good rubber sole, unless Italy imports. Order cheap shoe with PVC soles replaced lead rubber sole manufacturing new ray ban wayfarer sizes  shrank.Labor intensive industry the way out where on Earth? Most export oriented, Dongguan shoe owners confused and in pain at this stage.On the way left Dongguan, many maps

 under the lights at the "world footwear headquarters base" Billboard that seemed to inspire the morale of the industry. In the fierce competition in survival of the fittest, there should be some companies may be included in this round of industry than ever before, "Phoenix", right? Perhaps in the future can also occur, such as United Kingdom of JohnLobb shoe brand. JohnLobb in 19th century and opened a shoe store, St James's Street in London, the brand for more than 100 years, mostly adhere to handmade shoemaking, customers from the feet, foot model, try to accept the goods usually takes 9 months, all artisan techniques passed down from a few teachers, making JohnLobb of less than 500 pairs of shoes a year, each is a work of art. Traditional craftsmen dedicated spirit, from generation to generation.When a large number of shoe closure or transfer, always there is an enterprise leaves to become a leader in the ebb. However, in Dongguan by undertaking industrial transfer in the world and in twenty or thirty years have swelled the loose soil,

 lack of artistic and cultural atmosphere, can breed a world-class brand, is still unknown. HC shoe network on September 4, China children's shoe industry, great changes have taken place in recent years. The children's shoe market in China caught in development of sports shoes, casual shoes, and ushered in his "Spring". Today, children's shoes are no longer in the past does not concern simple products, but subdivided with a combination of animation, fashion industries. How to realize the leaping development of the children's shoe industry? there is no doubt that innovation is an inevitable way to shorten this distance. To innovation need to understand children's shoe fashion trends, here are some fall/winter 2014 shoes fashion trend for men and women.Resolution 2014 Winter shoe trends for boys keywordsKeywords: fashionIn recent years, the wildly popular fashion trends, and this is reflected in the children's equipment, especially in children's shoes. From a continuity standpoint, children's shoes last year, mainly in England, plaid

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