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brand is irreplaceable intangible assets, brand's core values are qual

 brand is irreplaceable intangible assets, brand's core values are quality, functionality, quality, and service, and general consumer perception of brands has a process.Brand strategy is the top priority is still dominated by processing industry of Guangdong shoe, but this does not mean that it does not have to create their own brands and the potential advantages of famous brand. It has a strong industrial base, has a large research and development teams, are attached to a good market at home and abroad, there are adidas zx 630 shoes  different models shoes development opportunities. Therefore, Guangdong shoe on and, and in particular SMEs, in dealing with brands, is poised to, or action. History shows that Guangdong shoe brand in recent years, Guangdong lacks the brand, but the lack of well-known brands.The past two years, Guangdong shoe apart from independent brands, has launched a licensing binge. What the President told us: at the moment, Guangdong shoe brands have more than more than 100, and just signed up lesser-known companies, are even more impressive.

 In addition, Guangdong shoe brands system matures, and has formed a ladder-type regional clusters. For example, the high-end brand Qi sheng a shoe factory in Dongguan dew? tibao aucheho, although sales were low, but called China's first men's brand, its lowest price in more than 1,500 Yuan. Gagaku Shi Bao Hermes shoes and casual shoes, and so on, at the top end of the market still has a lot of room to grow. Followed by Guangzhou, Shenzhen high-end shoes, such as Belle, leader, and so on. Otherwise, Zhongshan, buy adidas toe touch  Huidong, the shoe in heshan, are among the hot branding.How to shift from production-oriented foreign trade enterprises to become brand-oriented enterprises, wholesalers would buy brands, how to gradually improve their brand landscape, Dong Guan Qi Sheng brand is a prime example.2002 acquisition of dew-? tibao aucheho, at present, the dew? o Petro Georgiou basic coverage of all capital cities in China is a kind of Mall, over a total of more than 130 stores across the country in order to join, a small number of self-employed,

annual sales of about 150,000 pairs. A case study of Guangzhou market, di Po? tibao aucheho almost full coverage, Bai, the Tianhe city, friendship store in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Tianhe, Guangzhou Wangfujing department store, all sales outlets.Qi Sheng Yin Jiqi footwear General Manager for production-oriented foreign trade enterprises, turning into brand-oriented enterprises said, "for sale in enterprises, their biggest challenge is branding, which involves packaging, marketing, channels, and systems engineering, and export practices have made all the difference. "Do foreign trade customer-centered, spell efficiency; sells its own dominant, and spelling is technical, product research and development requirements, also need to explore brand packaging, channel set up traps and other content.Qi Sheng already starting to dew-? tibao aucheho, along with kalahan, the European shoe Museum (European shoe Museum includes the company's many international brands), so that enterprises have a more complete portfolio of brands. This year, it plans to

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