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undertake transfer conditions. Apart from location

undertake transfer conditions. Apart from location, transportation, land resources, human resources, industry resources, and other factors, policies, understanding of the concept is to transfer the success of plays a adidas energy boost women  crucial role.What the President tells us, shoe enterprises need most is design and development services, spare parts and logistics support, and transferred in difficult conditions in this area fully equipped. Shoes are more successful now is Jiangxi's Ganzhou Huajian footwear and La cite noble, Jiang XI Shang Gao YUSHENG footwear, other shoe factories are still in the run-in period, needed a period of adaptation. At present, most migrated to the shoe factory has processing plants in nature, mainly in the upper process-oriented, high technological content and links are still in Guangdong.However, we cannot deny that are migrated to the more hard and long overseas routes, to India, Bangladesh, Viet Nam, Myanmar, Cambodia and other countries to set up factories of shoe companies had a lot of problems. For example, although it looks

relatively low labour costs, but low quality of local labour, the lack of skilled industrial workers; industrial chain is incomplete, restricts the development of shoe-making industry based on language, religion and lifestyle differences and obstacles, many enterprises encounter great problems in management, but no access to imagine the effect.All in all, shoe industry focusing on industrial transfer in Guangdong Province adidas energy boost running shoes    at the same time, more focused on industrial restructuring and upgrading. After all, only increase the scientific and technological research and development, and brand of footwear innovation inputs can be "made in Guangdong" to the "Guangdong to create" new era, to stamp out the unique features of Guangdong shoe footprint.Increase value-added products to accelerate the transformation and upgrading ofAfter more than 20 years of industrial economic development, SMEs faced raw materials, such as higher fuel prices, exchange rates, wage costs, and Guangdong's footwear industry is necessary to maintain the economic structural

 adjustment, industrial restructuring and upgrading. What the President said, the traditional mode of development challenges faced by, weakening gradually along with the comparative advantage of Guangdong is in a crucial stage of economic transformation, social transformation. Guangdong "Twelve-Five" strategy initiated in the period of adjustment, is the subject of scientific development, transformation of economic development mode is the main line, speed up the transformation and upgrade is the core.Transformation and stress is the ebb tide, survival of the fittest. Transformation will phase out a number of technical content, internal escape labour law, on the upstream purchase cheaper raw materials production and foreign price competition of enterprises. Funds strength strong of enterprise, in waves Amoy sand in the, will low cost expansion, accelerated integration pace, especially listed of enterprise, as hundred Li, and Daphne, and Saturday,, these enterprise listed first is with capital of power, makes enterprise

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