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(begun in 1924, United Kingdom)Brand value: about $ 372 million founde

 Combination of technology and human perception, and constantly develop new products to enhance product functionality to meet the needs of today's sports business and the market.8. Umbro UMBRO (begun in 1924, oakley sunglasses frogskins clearance United Kingdom)Brand value: about $ 372 million founders: kanfulishi brothersClassified ad: One love (only love) brand: ★ ★ ★Endorsement stars of football superstar – Michael OwenValue review: Umbro has been focused on football the brand concept of steady development, is the world's most professional supplier of soccer apparel and equipment, all football-related equipment readily available. In September 2005, intends to acquire Umbro company Li Ning, because having a strong brand, it means that owning a golden Hill.9. Kappa Kappa (began in 1972, Italy)Brand oakley sunglasses flak jacket cheap value: about $ 243 million founders: basikeneidiClassified ad: He who loves me follows me (love me follow me)

brand: ★ ★ ★Endorsement stars: turning King-Maike•shumaheValue reviews: commonly known as "back-to-back" of Kappa brand, with a strong romantic brand identity, filled with romantic European style. Its "sport, fashion, rebellious, sexy" brand personality, is seeking taste and unique style of choice for enterprise business products.10. the DIADORA DIADORA (begun in 1948, Italy)Brand value: about $ 167 million founders: makexiluo•dannierClassified ad: light the passion for sports brands: ★ ★Endorsement stars: Roman Prince-fulangxisike•tuodiValue review: trappings of football, "Beckham". DIADORA introduced jerseys fans painted images are unique to it, it is only our Italy original style Italy shoes and apparel-making enterprise. Its business strategy is to stick with the customers to enjoy the sport spirit and life in focus, always delivered healthy athleticism. Nike Hyperdunk basketball shoes Inc the same as Kobe Bryant the best player in the world of tailor-made, is Nike's lightest the strongest basketball shoe to date. This pair

 Hyperdunk shoes in terms of weight, cushioning, comfort, firmness and grip and flexible point of view reached an unsurpassed level.Kobe Bryant black MambaKobe Bryant black MambaClick here to see all press imagesHyperdunk shoe upper uses Flywire technology. Revolutionary Flywire Nike lightweight support technology, this high performance structures using extremely thin and very strong fiber to support the foot, inspired by the design principles of suspension bridge. Flywire from high density nylon fibers, carefully selected athletic shoes distributed in various parts of, provides the perfect support, more fit. Meanwhile, upper using Flywire technology gives NikeHyperdunk a classic shape, showing the future of technological innovation. Special designKobe Bryant's jersey number "10" can be broken down into 1+9, the number 1 represents the consensus, the number 9 sounds like Chinese "long" in representing long, eternal;Chinese numbers on the upper "one" and "nine" at the design, while the Chinese elements into the design, consistent moral

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