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as early as 1979."Nike Sportswear launch in an unprecedented


as early as 1979."Nike Sportswear launch in an unprecedented form for people to truly feel the power of sports and athletes. oakley big taco sunglasses ladies "Nike's Vice President of global brand teleiwo•aidehuazi (Trevor Edwards) said," we focus on this product line will be created for consumers of Nike sporting tradition with the latest design innovation perfectly blend together. The launching of this series is a great opportunity for us. ”Nike designs: the never-ending pursuit of excellenceFrom 1972 the first Swoosh logo appears on the runway at the moment, Nike is committed to manufacturing products to meet or exceed every athlete needs. Sneakers at that time can only be used for running, and those who fly people have no arch support basketball dunk under the protection. Many great Nike athletes, both on the track and the pitch and oakley ten sunglasses price showed great talent and innovative spirit, and the courage to willing to give up everything in order to self improvement, but that is exactly what makes them stand out from other competitors. For example, puleifangdan (Prefontaine),

John McEnroe (McEnroe) and Michael Jordan (Jordan), Tiger (Tiger): their physical quality no different from others, but they can give full play to the imagination, they engaged in the movement to a new level.Nike worked closely with these athletes, as they design products to meet their needs. Nike designers inspiration everywhere. In order to design Nike Shox technology Nike engineers from the automotive industry for inspiration, and the car's suspension system. Designer Junya Watanabe (Junya Watanabe), to hear his unique perspective on style. Designers also worked with Fujiwara Ho or Futura, to learn from their insights on the culture. Each project's ultimate goal is the same: to create the most excellent products, bringing innovation and inspiration to all athletes in the world, be they on the field or in life.Nike Sportswear series: rooted in the movement and integration of new technologiesFrom the establishment has carried nearly 40 years of sports history, Nike Sportswear has always been rooted in the spirit of Nike challenge

aimed at manufacturing exceeding expectations of the product, and ask the stylist to products in innovative technology to perfection, reintegration in the classic design of new technologies, thus creating the most superior products to meet the diverse needs of today.Nike Sportswear is an endless creative director Richard Clarke called this interaction of fusion and Nike innovation this mission for our athletes always remember: "we do tend to look at history, rediscovering some of Nike's most prominent product," Clark said, "but we have always firmly at the forefront of technology and innovation, continuously provide our athletes with superior product performance. "Requests for Barefoot runners, Nike designers Grigoros sneakers. Grigoros of Nike's most cohesive piece made of rubber compounds, low legs designed so that players can easily be set into the shoe. Mesh raised soles of foot in the boat and the dock can be stable grip effect and trench mesh between processes helps drainage. Sneakers-toe design allows the attachment

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