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movement. As long as you have a body

 Just do it (just do it) brand: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Endorsement stars of tennis King – Roger FedererValue review: Nike's language is the language of movement. As long as you have a body, you are an athlete. And as long oakley racing jacket sunglasses for sale  as there are players in the world, Nike will continue to grow.2. adidas adidas (begun in 1948, Germany)Brand value: about $ 9.4 billion-founder: adifu•dasileClassified ad: Nothing is impossible (nothing is impossible) brand: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Endorsement stars of soccer Idol-David BeckhamValue hotel reviews: "shoe King" since its inception at the basic principles of technological innovation as product marketing to increase brand awareness as a driving force. "Features the first", oakley sunglasses radarlock path singapore "best to the athletes" is objective guarantees of the adidas brand timeless.3. PUMA PUMA (begun in 1948, Germany)Brand value: $ 7.1 billion-founder: Rudolf DasslerClassified ad: Nothing Is Possible (small) brand: ★ ★ ★ ★Endorsement stars: Diego – BaileyValue hotel reviews: "PUMA" and "adidas" the two brands are Germany created by Adi Dassler brothers.

Brother Rudolph Jaguar "PUMA" in the name of brother adifu with his name, the creation of the "adidas". Today, the "PUMA" has become the fastest growing sports brand, casual, fashion, style trends for men and women in droves.4. Reebok Reebok (begun in 1895, United Kingdom)Brand value: about $ 4.64 billion founders: Joseph FrostClassified ad: I am what I am (I'm me) brand: ★ ★ ★Endorsement stars: little giant--Yao MingValue review: stylish, modern and cool. Reebok's main markets are in a century women tight sportswear, its unique "culture" design earned it the "Queen" in the world. It is where many women sport brand marketers, which favors clothing brands.5. converse converse (begun in 1908, United States)Brand value: about $ 1.9 billion, founder: converseClassified ad: informal brand: ★ ★ ★Endorsement stars of basketball "mailman"-Karl MaloneValue review: world's first pair of basketball shoes is manufactured by converse in 1917. Now, converse basketball shoes brand has become the byword. Used sneakers, nowadays is synonymous

 with sport and leisure. Star deduction for their products unique, and provides examples for many businesses. 6. Chateau AFIP la FILA (beginning in 1926, Italy)Brand value: about $ 1.02 billion founder: Chateau AFIP brotherClassified ad: sports art brand: ★ ★Endorsement stars: tennis girl – Maria SharapovaValue review: FILA in China in 2005, golf, tennis, skiing and other series are considered to be representative of art and luxury models. Is one of the many agents businesses to select one of the sports brand products mandatory. Because Delphi for its products are excellent, versatile and innovative design while winning the market reputation.7. Mizuno Mizuno (begun in 1906, Japan)Brand value: about $ 800 million, founder: Shui Yeli BAClassified ad: lingbo constant pace run unlimited brand: ★ ★Endorsement stars of golf legend – Luke DonaldValue review: Japan Mizuno Corporation was recognized by the International Olympic Committee Olympic sponsors. Excellence is the quality control of its products based on this.

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