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seen any results. ”Adidas plans in August, before the opening

 price discounters. But industry experts and author of The Sneaker Wars BarbaraSmit pointed out that there is still oakley sunglasses discount singapore  a problem to be re-introduced the brand to increase sales. She said: "so far, we haven't seen any results. ”Adidas plans in August, before the opening of the Olympic Games in China to open 4,000 stores, including one in Beijing, 10,000-square-foot storefront. Nike Store is also close to that figure. In China, a lack of integrated, such as Foot Locker Athletic Shoe chain in the country, it is very necessary to build their own retail stores.Adidas's problem is that although it has become the official clothing partner of the games, but Nike has more top athlete endorser. Including Switzerland tennis superstar Roger Federer (Roger Federer) and Australia track and field stars Clegg-Craig Mottram (Craig Mottram), as well as veteran basketball superstar Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant) and LeBron James oakley ladies commit sq sunglasses  (LeBron James).Owned by Nike athletes was not able to secure to win the Olympics, it means that companies choosing athletic performance line is

 risky, but if these athletes won the game, Nike will get bigger returns. In order to break into the local market, the company and 22 of the 28 sports federations in China signed a contract, providing equipment for most athletes in the League. This means China's marketing event, NBA basketball player Yao Ming, Houston Rockets will also wear Nike Basketball uniforms-despite Yao signed a contract with adidas's Reebok unit. The contract for Nike with the United States, and Germany and Russia, and many other National Union one of the 40 contracts, these contracts ensure that the team members will be wearing Nike gear at the Olympics-no matter who speaks for what company provides personal service.So for adidas camps in which most of the 3,000 athletes participating in the Beijing Olympic Games (about one-third of the total number) are concerned, they can only be on the podium dressed in adidas gear. In the game, they will be wearing Nike gear. Adidas's main spokesmen include United States basketball star Dwight Howard (Dwight Howard), as well

 as soccer star Ma xiaoxu, China.Swangard believes that from adidas-friendly side of things, the company's official Olympic Partner status and are not affected by unstable political climate (the protesters have accused China's human rights record) is too much. Because adidas's main goal is to establish business in China by allowing local people to understand the company's support for China, it could reap tangible benefits.Referees and officials will wear the adidas equipment appeared in the Beijing Games, but most interesting athletes will wear Nike equipment entry-and appeared in most of the broadcasting time, occur both during the race broadcast, also appeared in the subsequent picture and will be repeatedly watched the video in the next few years.As Smit said: "high jumper in high jump wearing Nike clothing, and during her acceptance speech, dressed in adidas clothing. Which one do you prefer to make a choice? ” 1. Nike, NIKE (which began in 1972, United States)Brand value: $ 10.29 billion, founder: Felipe? KnightClassified ad:

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