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discovered and confiscated during the search on the market


 Nike (Nike), adidas (Adidas), PUMA (Puma), ECCO (Ecco)., Said in a statement: "warehouse discovered and confiscated during the search on the market more than more than 15,000 pairs of fake world famous brand shoes, ray ban sunglasses outlet uk  also discovered and counterfeit goods of famous brand names differ, unscrupulous sellers alter 1, 2 letters (for example, AUMA,ABIBAS,EOCC,MIKE sneakers), and then to sell these imitations as the real thing. ”Economic Security Department said trafficking of counterfeit goods from China and Afghanistan citizen, and did not prove the origin of the documents.Press release points out: "have been identified, these shoes are made in China and delivered to Moscow and then by all means, sell at various retail outlets. ”According to illegally use trademark terms in the criminal case, which requires up to 6 years ' imprisonment may be imposed. "Shoe-HC network" one new ray ban wayfarer sizesold and one two monks were living in two adjacent small temple on the mountain, between two hills with a river, they will be down at the same time every day going

to the River to fetch water, and over time became good friends. Many years passed, and one day old monk didn't come to fetch water, the next day, he still did not come, so a year later, the young monk wondering: what happened to him was? I have to go look.After seeing old monk, was surprised. Because he is the temple chant, is not without water looks like. Young monk asked curiously: "you don't carry water for a year, do you have supernatural power? "Heard this, the monk brought him to the temple's back yard, pointing to a well said:" in a year, after I finished each day by will choukonger have digged this well, even when busy, but I never gave up. Now, at long last put out water, I wouldn't have to carrying water down, you can have more time chanting. ”One dug their own wells, develop their own unique strengths, survival during the day, evening and development, yesterday's effort to harvest today. Nike and adidas are such a pair of dark jiaojin "monk", they are also sporting brand giants, equally intensive in their respective fields,

but now the two different results in the same field.Football rivalriesNike and adidas are more like a "patent races" of the two rivals.On February 17, 2006, Nike, to the United States District Court in Lufkin, Texas filed patent lawsuits, accusing adidas sneakers were used in the production of their unique SHOX cushioning technology. While adidas sees no infringement, two giants fight "heated discussions". In fact, the two giants of imitation in tit-for-tat began a long time ago.More than 10 years ago, Nike had replaced adidas's pecking order, but Nike did not change their market strategy of guerrillas, Nike continues to use the "sniper marketing" approach, in the most eye-catching walking at an international sporting event. When the boss, still acting on this cowboy style, this is Europe's aristocrats is totally unacceptable.In FIFA's top commercial partners, adidas has been dominating on the football market, Nike could not set foot in it. Tradition of the International Olympic Committee also supports the adidas. Has two

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