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market. By the year 1987, Reebok sales of $ 991 million

the introduction of a novel design, strong athletic shoes, succeeded in sweeping a section of the market. By the year 1987, Reebok sales of $ 991 million, 30% shares, Ascend sport shoes market leader's throne, women's ray ban jackie ohh sunglasses Nike for $ 597 million 18% shares close behind.In order to counter the Reebok's family is provocative, Nike bitter experience was lavishing invested a huge sum of money in new products designed, the most compelling praise classic late 80 's "gas shoes" (TheNikeAirShoe). Nike Air shoes officially listed only until the early 90 's, and was a huge success.Late 80 's, Reebok ray ban justin sunglasses cheap  and Nike the overlord of the nose is to lesson the trainers, Nike again suffered from the market of shame, once again strengthened the product last at the core of research and innovation policies.Driving force behind III: words and go all outNike product research, development and technological innovation there is no lip, but fully into action. (Globe shoes nets) in order to find more competitive runners, by the end of 2005, Nike hired researchers have exceeded 3000 people. Many

of them with biomechanics, experimental Physiology, engineering technology, industrial design, degree in chemistry and related fields.Nike is in the process of product research and innovation public focus on the combination of design and practical, so it hired a Research Council and Commission customer, including coaches and athletes, equipment operators, podiatrists and orthopedic doctor who regularly meet with the company, review of designs, materials and improve the vision of sneakers.Nike on the investment in research and development is enough to make homegrown sporting goods enterprises in China to shame. Estimated even in 2005, many Chinese shoe manufacturer in less than 1981 Nike's $ 4 million investment in research and development levels.Deng yaping (Quanzhou) shoe industry limited company General Manager Zhang Wei said that even claiming to develop the best Anta and Sanxing had to admit that "technical weakness". While most of the enterprises have developed in "inclusive" imitation phase, "buy a better pair of designer

shoes apart to look at, a little change has become its own product. "Zhang Wei said," China is still relatively low level of competition. " Personnel, funding in place to become a Nike product research and innovation the escort forceDriving force behind four: actively follow the way aheadWhat is creative, a new combination of old elements. When temporarily find new combination has profited from its people. Nike is not taboo to talk about the process of enterprise development in Germany brands adidas and follow suit. As far as the running shoe market has long been implemented by adidas AG's marketing strategy is the production of fashionable variety of sizes of shoes, worn by athletes in major sports competitions product with the company logo, continuous product upgrades. Nike came the Germans how to be big enough to move a form, it is perfectly justifiable to walk a short cut, the company gained rapid development. But Nike hasn't followed the Germans in the product design itself, Nike is confident that its product independently researched and is worthy

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