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Wells opened retail sports city, selling a different brand of sports apparel, including its own brand "Anta" products, as well as licensed brands adidas, Reebok and Kappa products.In July 2007, Anta sports (2020. HK) listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange, raising approximately 3.168 billion Hong Kong dollars, ray ban sunglasses outlet uk  was listed in Hong Kong in 2004, Li Ning (2331.HK) raise, 7 times. Under the financing plan, Anta will invest HK $ 1.1 billion for marketing, and HK $ 550 million in retail business expansion, $ 440 million in regional sales office, HK $ 250 million expansion of footwear production.Soft spot from Nike mode see Anta beyond opportunitiesWhen talking about rival Nike founder, Phil has pointed out that "to beat Nike, only way is to completely and accurately described our, then find the differences to new ray ban wayfarer sizes conquer. "From Nike and Reebok, Nike and adidas we can arrive at the conclusion of competition between: imitation Nike are effective strategies for keeping track of it, and if you want to go beyond form Knight determination of Nike are not

set in stone.For example, Reebok take women's sports market rise beyond Nike, adidas with Nike in global competition through mergers and acquisitions strategy, and Nike after the completion of global management to repel Reebok had proven that companies that target market to implement effective strategies and innovative, competitive position. As Kenichi Ohmae, a Knight teaches that "local, market-driven decision to implement" is the core of the company's global strategy and innovation.Nike's other big weakness appeared in the 1998 Asian financial crisis. Due to "asset-light operation" production model is not related to a specific product, but by the Asian OEM factory, which produces two major management issues: one is supply chain management, and the other is product quality control. In the case of external economic fluctuations, Nike's Asian OEM factory cost volatility, supply, logistics and distribution, stability and other factors, will affect the company's overall business performance. From the perspective of

 global business, due to the company's main sales market for products in Europe and other major markets, it means "asset-light operation" patterns in the Asian market the fact that damage is far less than the mainstream market. In other words, if Nike's Asian market (developing countries) sales are able to occupy a considerable share in proportion to their income, it will offset its "asset-light operation" mode of the risks of globalization. Externality risk that is internally digested by the market. There is no doubt that in all emerging markets, China is undoubtedly the recent growth and the consumption potential of the market. This is why in future strategic planning of transnational corporations such as Nike, sought to focus on competing for market reasons.As China's sporting future competition will enter the competitive State of the market, TNCs and local enterprises are likely to invade each other under the control of the market segment. Therefore, prior to a tit-for-tat competition effective distribution channels, and formed a strong market

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