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lives of the public, can also become America's enterprise

The Knight always have the idea that other people sell unwanted goods, are immoral difficult work. Knight would therefore like, Nike's marketing not only drew attention to its products, but also to constantly remind you what Nike is doing.In 1993, Nike and Coca Cola, best vodka company jointly selected United States ray ban tech sunglasses cheap  Marketing Association (American Marketing Association), famous Palace (Hall of Fame), the first batch of members. "Brand Palace" point of view, the so-called brand name must be "continued success and high creativity and pioneering, and forms to cause significant impact on the lives of the public, can also become America's enterprise learning objects. "Obviously, Phil has created  ray ban wayfarer sunglasses ebay uk  a unit for Nike culture can not be easily replicable. His arguments appeal to in the 1950 of the 20th century developed the marketing culture. Marketing education the impact of business forms, a marketing company, is a company that makes customers. In this change of profit itself becomes less important, customer satisfaction is the company's

biggest challenge.So, when you've found some company, mimicking the company's marketing strategy has not achieved good expectations, in fact maybe it conveys many of the error messages to consumers. For example, select Nike Michael Jordan as the main spokesmen when its core series of basketball shoes, to exploit the target market is very helpful. However, I must also admit that even Michael Jordan, he was unable to have much impact in football.Third, global businessIn the early 1990 of the 20th century, Nike often discussed within the following question: how Nike to position yourself? Is to perform the role of transnational corporations, in the homogenization of global markets provides a unified image and product, or is to become a global consumer company in accordance with different preferences and situations around the world, carefully designed to suit all kinds of images and products? Nike executives thought based on global consumers with "homogenization" theory of consumption and desire, the highly-controversial theory by Harvard

 University's Theodore Levitt (Theodore Levitt) early in the 1980 of the 20th century is presented. Levitt believes that a common consumer awareness of a normal market, will go to the standardized form of goods. Tech set a certain standard for all sales activities with the same rules of the game. On homogenization of Leavitt's best example is Coca-Cola.Knight believes that any had not been "Nike" places, only when you really understand the implications behind the brand, Nike will not experience Vignette's role in the world. "We want to succeed in the global market, they must specifically implement a set of values, and propagates it to all over the world. "In terms of understanding the nature of global business, Japan management scientists Kenichi Ohmae (Kenichi Ohmae) profound impact on Phil. Knight believes he is a "true genius".In the early 1990 of the 20th century, Phil read Kenichi Ohmae's of the world without borders (The Borderless World), a book inspired by. OHMAE said, national income at $ 26000 places, consumers will naturally

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