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an opportunity, Nike and adidas, Li Ning, is completely

determined to abandon part of the consumer. In addition to shouting slogans, they also started to raise prices actually do it. Different from other businesses, they do not pinch affectation to pretend to be a compelling way, but jordan flight 45 comprar  generously released its good intentions: price not only to fight rising costs, but for the basic consumer market to value the consumer market transition, on the face of it, is to move closer to the international brands over the price.This trick they have used. In 2004, the company decided to cut the original 270-280 the mainstream price segment, bring the average price to 350 Yuan. At that time, Li Ning, this strategy does stand out from the domestic counterparts, a thriving, but also give foreign competitors

 an opportunity, Nike and air jordan baratas  adidas, Li Ning, is completely in the year from down home-ologist.Now, Li Ning again with this a enrollment, average price is expected to again improve 100 Yuan around, but, its behind of domestic enterprise already not when of grassroots team, all are has is listed company; abroad enterprise in China of appeal also cannot compare, in they of earnings Shang, big Chinese market often is alone of a chapter, however, this is Li Ning by looks forward to of, again from price Shang and China peer draw boundaries, at least in attitude Shang keep with China enterprise of "a brother" identity, While rivals Nike and adidas, if confrontation is sooner or later things, then they are more willing to game the election in China.Objectively speaking, Li Ning is not Li-Ning of the year. With Olympic of that put fire, they beautiful to completed has two items logo sex of across: a is, 2009, they beat has adidas, ranking returned to second, mainland market share reached 11%, slightly Hudson Yu Nike of 13.2%, and will this

 a seating keep has; II is, a years zhihou, they in Portland opened has a branch, this not only is Li Ning in United States opened of first home branch, Portland more is Nike of home.The factors he believe 2011 is the best time to change. High prices only mention the identity of the first step, followed by a vigorous channel integration.Back into the first-tier citiesLi Ning's logic is that according to per capita income and population of these two dimensions, can be divided into two major domestic market: more than 650 wire above the city market-oriented market, and more than more than 1640 County, the growth of these two markets presents a totally different way. In more than 60 more in first-tier cities and megacities, consumer buying is down by, but final sales are rising, mainly behind the price increase of goods; while more than 1640 more County is growing."2003-2004 Li Ning's retreat, beginning with first-tier cities large and does not hold. "He believes that the situation now is that as human, rent and other costs rise,

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