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declined to identify specific candidates, and very sure that she'll

 size s, a-Mei Chang of girlfriends out on stage. Everyone is so concerned about whether the Beijing sang her size s and other friends will be invited as guest speakers. While Wei Chi Fan yesterday declined to identify specific adidas zx 630 shoes candidates, and very sure that she'll give you surprise "guests to the site and you will know that, and I don't take them as something, but I am very confident, I was popular, and had many friends in the circle, this person is not available, there are people who are free. "FanFan would like to invite Tong Dawei, and Gong Lilai at his concert, which friends they had worked with television drama with vinegar, and you feel surprised by the latter. On this Wei Chi Fan explained said Gong Li is himself of Idol, "I see had she of first Department movie is Red Lantern high hanging, also had in airport of coffee shop encounter Gong Li, I didn't thought

at she actually with I greeted, buy adidas toe touch  also said heard had I of song, she really of is has superstar style, face Shang no any wrinkles, I also to to she par, so really of is wants to invited she view concert, just can't expect. "HC shoe network on July 22-South, Jimmy Choo, shoes. Last night the from United Kingdom and the cultural and education section of the Consulate co-sponsored by City Express, City Weekly's "fashion's night" party, to guests ' requirements are: business casual. Feel free to sit on the couch Jimmy Choo white hair, white shirt, black pants, black shoes, and has a sharp-edged high brow, gear definitely fit this theme. He is the absolute protagonist of the party.From two or three centimeters with a small heel, to 7 cm heel, since it is a fashion party, beauties of nature on the shoes gave the underground effort. Classic black must be there but more fun summer colors, purples, bright silver, Orange, flashing gold ... ...Ambassador left shoe Jimmy ChooAmbassador left shoe Jimmy ChooClick here to see all press imagesMen drab, mostly black

casual shoes, but WINS in high quality. Photographer panjie said he most often is a Italy brands of shoes, "friends for leather, feet comfortable. ”Hangzhou girl's legs are very beautifulAll night event, Jimmy Choo insists that Chinese and unabashed love of Hangzhou, "West Lake was really pretty quiet, which gave me a lot of new inspiration. When I do the design, must be quiet ... ... I think that I can later go to Shanghai, stay in Hangzhou a day around. And legs are beautiful Hangzhou girl ... ... Have any of you like to show me a tour round Hangzhou? I will send the shoes Oh. "In the party last night, Jimmy Choo repeated invitation to the presence of Hangzhou ladies.Best shoes for his wifeThe party, everyone has the opportunity to the various issues raised by Jimmy Choo. Usually only see the Jimmy Choo shoes, has now seen a Buddha, how can I let go of this opportunity, so he asked, "If you can't find your customized shoes, how much does it cost? "From 650 pounds. Jimmy Choo replied without batting an eye, that's his market price.

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