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for the mass market, many brands of the finished shoe


 for the mass market, many brands of the finished shoe is also very good.Ying Cuijian: Hangzhou women's wear brand ownerI've been very concerned about fashion, of course, will not miss his shoes and Jimmy Choo. I wore shoes, is the brand. Fashion is a kind of tasteful, artistic feeling. Also, is my favorite. I like the taste adidas original trainers uk   of it.I wore the shoes are too extreme, or more than 7 cm, very high that I was small. Soft ballet shoes or flat, France a professional brand, occasionally, when sports, will also wear sports shoes.Interview with Jimmy ChooEven though he can see many beautiful feetBut girls tend to talk about shoesReporter Qian Zhuojun"Reports, please call me, ' Jimmy Choo ', rather than JimmyChoo. "After the end of the interview, Jimmy Choo such exhortations.Jimmy Choo, was born in Malaysia, mens mizuno wave prophecy 3 famous ye Yu Yinglun, who is European and American celebrities hot shoe guru, throughout the interview process, constantly stressed: "I am a Chinese. ”Jimmy Choo said that his name is uncle, "Zhou" name is not selected, he joked that "CHOW Yun-fat

is my big brother." Looking mean, people will admire you. Inchcape, wood four points below the word water, Jimmy Choo's explanation is that "even the wood tends to bloom. "Shoes are proof all day dealing with wood, the master indeed carved flowers wood.Jimmy Choo speaks fluent Mandarin, he can also speak Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien, and a bit of Malaysia language. In terms of his identity, the shoe guru terribly approachable. He will ask for the pictures with you, even the hotel waiter shyly came up, he will be smiling to meet the requirements. And as long as a shoe sectors, master immediately enraptured, entering the State.Jimmy Choo advice to all those who love high heels woman, "comfortable" is the essence of fashion. "Why Princess Diana wore my shoes, because well. "Don't buy because look pretty, not to attempt yourself not used size shoe. Was Princess Diana, for example, Diana is very high, so high heels Jimmy Choo must be design for her, Diana never wore his toe shoes, Jimmy Choo to her feet do the whole bread must be the

sort of style. "She never wears flip flops, even if they are free for her not to. ”Even services and believe in Chinese "endure" inadvertent consumption of philosophy of life, but for fastidious customer, Jimmy Choo has to deal with. "Normally, I would say, let me measure you feet. Then tell her, Oh, you have problems with your feet, especially choosing the material for you, that will be expensive, we still talk about it another day. "Jimmy Choo here laughed," you have to know where to draw the line, you have to trust me, come to me grinding peep, Princess House Princess don't mind, what do you think? ”Custom here in the Jimmy Choo shoes price is 650 pounds, this is normal, if you have additional requirements, prices are not included. Because it is handmade, so pick a year from 800 to 1000 pairs. In Jimmy Choo's view, if he would rather have dinner with friends to the theatre. Although he was in the United Kingdom when master sees every shoe, "to see how not to get sick", but he did not want to live in the only shoes. Perhaps for this

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