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WowWee MiP Balancing Robot Ages 8+, 4 AAAs, $99 MSRP

The MiP Robotic Companion (White) is a multifunctional and autonomous robot equipped with GestureSense technology. Using its free app, you can drive it, play games & more all while MiP balances on two wheels. Perched atop unique dual wheels, powered by an iOS or Android smartphone, your eyes will light up at what MiP can do, this is more than just a toy
  • MiP multifunctional and autonomous robot (white)
  • Perched atop unique dual wheels
  • Gesturesense technology for hand motion controls
  • Includes app to drive, dance, battle, balance
  • Requires a BLE 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection
  • Ages: 8+

Gesturesense Technology

MiP responds to the swipe of a hand. Swipe in any direction, and MiP will follow. You can even program up to 50 hand swipes in a row. Clap twice, and MiP will play it back.


  • MiP: Use your hand motions to direct your robot
  • Tracking: MiP will track and follow your hand gestures
  • Dance: MiP will perform dance routines by moving around
  • Roam: The MiP detects objects in the way, acknowledges them, avoids them, and keeps on going
  • Tricks: Using hand gesture controls, you can have MiP memorize up to 50 separate movements
  • Cage: MiP is in a virtual cage. It's your turn to prevent its escape by blocking all the exits
  • Stack: Stack as many objects as you can on MiP's tray


The App

  • Drive: You can steer it in any direction and MiP will turn on a dime
  • Path: Trace a path on along the screen of your Smart Device, and MiP will play it back
  • Dance: Pick a song from your music library for MiP to dance along to
  • Boxing: Grab a buddy and put up MiP's dukes
  • Battle: Fire lasers at your opponent while trying to avoid damage by racing around
  • Stack: Place as many items as you can on MiP's tray to try and reach the top of the pillar
  • Cans: Select a mood chip and swipe it into your MiP's head
WowWee MiP Balancing Robot Ages 8+, 4 AAAs, $99 MSRPWowWee MiP Balancing Robot Ages 8+, 4 AAAs, $99 MSRP
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