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just because you like to talk about my life on a internet site doesn't mean anything and you posting up my picture, i have the links to littlemiss site before she deleted it, and if she wasn't so much of a sketched out scammer and her boyfriend robbing other sellers why would she delete her account on list4all, even though you guys have bashed me on here i still keep my account because i have nothing to hide, and if you think i have lied about her boyfriend robbing me? well i have the police file number and also the police officers business card. i can always scan that and post it on here. so keep talking about my life, because im not the one whos so scared that i had to delete my account off list4all.Also, thanks for telling me your trying to get evidence that i scam other buyers i have never scammed anyone so i am not scared of your lies and bashing me on a website and also, if you were already talking to the police you wouldn't have gotten your boyfriend to try and rob me today, but i am also dealing with the police to put a restraining order against both of you people because clearly you two are crazy and think everyone scams people on the internet BTW buyers and sellers and traders, her boyfriend and her drive the same car, a blue RXS Blue acura. license plate 939 DGNFIRST OF ALL LETS MAKE THIS CLEAR I DID NOT SCAM LITTLEMISS ON LIST4ALL WHEN I GAVE HER THE PHONE IT WAS CLEARLY DEAD BUT I JUST STOPPED USING IT 4 DAYS BEFORE HAND SO WHAT EVER SHE DID TO IT AFTER I DO NOT KNOW, FOR ALL I KNOW SHE COULD HAVE BROKE IT HERSELF AND WANTED TO BLAME ME OUT OF ALL MY BUYERS AND TRADERS I HAVE NEVER SCAMMED ANYONE SO DO NOT BELIEVE SOMEONE WHO WILL LIE AND BLAME OTHERS FOR THEIR OWN STUPIDITY. BEWARE OF ALL BUYERS AND SELLERS ON LIST4ALL OR CRAIGSLIST. TODAY I CAME ACROSS THE SELLER LITTLEMISS'S BOYFRIEND TRYING TO ROB ME AND PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE HE ISN'T. AND OF COURSE I HAVE CALLED POLICE AND RETRIEVED MY ITEMS BACK. WWW.LIST4ALL.COM/LITTLEMISSOH AND ANOTHER THING HAPPENED TODAY, YOUR CLAIMING I SCAMMED OTHER BUYERS? I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE HAD A COMPLAINT FROM ANY OF MY BUYERS ABOUT MY ITEMS YOU CLEARLY HAVE ISSUES OH AND BTW NEXT TIME YOUR BOYFRIEND NAMED ALICIA! LOL TELL HIM TO STOP PRETENDING TO BE A BUYER AND GOING AROUND ROBBING SELLERS ON LIST4ALL, SO HE TRIED TO ROB ME TODAY BTW AND I CALLED THE POLICE, IT WAS NICE SEEING HIM IN HANDCUFFS NEXT TIME YOU SCAM OR ROB PEOPLE DON'T TRY AND PULL IT OFF CAUSE POLICE WILL BE CALLED FOR SURE.
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1 don't trade with littlemiss on list4all shes a scammer and also her bo don't trade with littlemiss on list4all shes a scammer and also her boLast update: 12 years ago Best Offer
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