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ina Pack" series of Chinese elem

Accuracy of the card to be verified, but I felt James move above, sponsor will still play some role. But anyway, even LeBron-level stars, in the face of such significant decisions would still have a lot to weigh the interests of, the star had a difficult Ah ~ along with the N  adidas energy boost 2 BA's more prosperous in China, NBA stars come to China every summer moonlighting became a fixed schedule. Just arrived in July, had Anthony Davies, Jeremy, Chris Paul and several other stars in China turned in a circle, then LeBron James, Kobe Bryant is pomp and more. Nike players on a trip to China to spend experience seems to be a little bit more, they introduced this year called "China Pack" series of Chinese elements. Judging from the messages has been exposed, LeBron and Kobe 9 11 Low EM shipped separately

Blue and white porcelain and Chinese traditional paper-cutting inspiration launched a "China Pack" version. Two distinctive, blue and white aesthetic, and Red Kobe 9 seems to be more in line with our festive taste. Then there will be other shoes to launch "China Pack" Edition? Two giant Chinese Bank on foot with a strong Chinese flavor of shoe style? We are waiting for. "Keyword--XX9 release date of" mysterious Air Jordan XX9 recently unveiled in April to determine the date of starting two black burst lines and orange logo, respectively. Which comes first, which will be held on September 3, followed by black and orange color scheme logo versions will go on sale on September 13. Air Jordan XX9, believed all of the information now is basically not very satisfactory. In addition to less

Favorite fly knit uppers and 3D printing technologies other than the first application, XX9 didn't give us too many surprises, and mysterious atmosphere before release than let some fall. But I wants to these armchair of things more to reaction of is everyone of mood, this paragraph shoes what will has how of performance also to got real yihou again do discussion, we also believes let we full love of Air Jordan does not waste it of latest generation flagship pr adidas y-3 oducts, did surprise let we eagerly to hope's ~ "keywords--big contract" this week also has a news raised has everyone of hot on the, St champion andelu·weijinsi is signed adidas, although official also not announced, But weijinsi himself from the ESPN news or photos on the Sun, we should be able to expect Viking to wear adidas. Around Viking

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