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update also added the song

。 Somehow, two pairs are good-looking, but FRY, overdid it ~ I remember not so long ago, adidas launched a new smart watch, in order to give users a better experience, the adidas Darth company for Smart Run smart sport watch released a firmware upgrade for the first time, new firmware fixes a lot of minor problems. New Smart Run firmware allows users to import GPS data from the devices to smart phones, tablets, or in the miCoach Web site. adidas toe touch  In addition to the new firmware also improve the battery life of a Smart Run, allowing electricity even when users have a much longer life, this is very useful for outdoor sports. In addition to media features such as update also added the song, so that when a user can listen to the song and fitness while exercising. Adiasi miCoach

Who Simon Drabble said: "for the first time today as a Smart Run updates, but this is just the beginning, the future we will also gradually open API interface for Smart Run, allowing it to implement more functionality. "Such an adjustment also illustrate the importance of adidas launched the smart watch, I believe the next time, there will be more features can be implemented. Adidas (Adidas) and Japan fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto (Yohji Yamamoto) for the brand's adizero F50 football boots coated with paint, to create a new image of the wild. Yohji Yamamoto (Yohji Yamamoto) painted on upper guard Japan Royal beasts, take warriors added Japan-style boots. The soccer shoes on October 28 the global launch Limited Edition 2000. So new

Style should be the starter, like friends can pay more attention to the news, more relevant information under the adidas store. Adidas some time ago came out with a new sport watches, watches with a modern high-tech, one listed has caused quite a stir, and this time the Mundi will be published on 15th of this month a built-in heart-rate monitor adidas springblade  watch, this training watch is named "miCoach SMART RUN." MiCoach SMART RUN Android-based 4.1, all data can be transmitted over a Wi-Fi, but in addition to training, it cannot be used as a smart device. Watch menu page will link to the adidas specific services, so it actually corresponds to Mini PCs can be used to access Web content, while colored LCD touch pad can be used to view

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