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Spurs on the road to 94:106 loss to the Thunder, 19 in a row ending at the same time, their opponent 4:0 swept the regular season. Although Popovich from the paibingbuzhen of view, he does not win in mind, but after the game, Popovich was organized for the team in the visitors ' locker room to watch the game videos,air jordan 3 nz  analysis of the game. "We have never put the winning streak in the first place," Popovich lightly after the game that "for us, this is just another game. Every game win or lose, we can all learn something from it, and nothing to do with winning streak. "The third quarter is turning point in the game, this section start, spurs were withdrawn and Leonard split two big defensive Titans and sent green to the main anti-Kevin Durant, as a result, spurs 23 shots in this section are only 7, Thunder single blow had 32 points, net win spurs to 12 points. Bolt is too tall, too much of this team with athleticism, "Popovich said," for us, in the face of rivals with aggressive play, and we did not respond, I think the opponent doing great to play aggressive in the second half, they force us to a large number of mistakes, this is the play, because failure to 30 points, you are sure to lose.

Full-cut off 17 points and 8 rebounds, but only 5 of 15 shots Duncan said: "this game reminds us of a playoff confrontation levels, their combat level goes up, and we didn't respond. "In this game, the bolt to turn this situation around, having a direct relationship with Reggie Jackson, he cut the entire 8-for-6 off 14 points and 4 rebounds, 4 assists, air jordan 4 nz Thunder falls behind, his third, and dismantling passes will help a lot to the team, he has become the Spurs killer this season, in the face of the Spurs four games he has excellent performance. "Every time I touch the Spurs that Jackson is going to kick our ass," Popovich reluctantly said, "the job he faced us self-confidence. "In this game, and Ibaka scored 11 points, but he grabbed 12 rebounds plus gave away 3 blocks, many balls while he had no direct CAP, but effective jamming opponents hand. Popovich said: "Ibaka is a great blockers and defenders, maybe he was the League's most adept at fast-moving from one side to the other side to complete the defensive player. "Halftime ended Qian, dimension Republika hits a counterattack in the of 25 feet three points, subsequently he and completed counterattack layup, help Thunder will points poor narrowed to 3 points, comes Weiss this not reasonable but is can cut points of play, Popovich said:" we prefers let he to voted that three points, but he voted in the has, dang he can voted in the this ball, you of trouble on big has.

2 the NBA game, bolt 106-94 victory over the Spurs, ending each other's 19 in a row, while the calf is finally in the 4th and the Clippers this season against the last laugh, avoided being swept. While the East, West, after the today's ranking has not changed, but "eight observation" there is still information worth paying attention to. Calf in the win today in a record of 45 WINS and 31 losses ranking 7th in the West, however victory to lead the Memphis Grizzlies to 0.5 win, 7, 8 in the West, 93 teams of wars in at least a little advantage. Of course, West end rank will need to out the last game to compete, calf's regular season with 6 games, opponents in addition to 3 team that missed the playoffs, and 3 teams are playoff teams, including the last 2 games against the Sun, the Memphis Grizzlies, which will directly determine each other's seats.
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