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Nemanja Vidic and Fernando Torres, both English Premier League bosses people may gather in Serie a next season San Siro, Inter Milan has finalized the Serbia people move in pursuit Spain striker has achieved significant progress. One captain of the exploits of Manchester United, one has high hopes for the Blues striker, Nemanja Vidic and Fernando Torres quit the caused different reactions of the fans of the two teams,air jordan 7 nz  the Red Devils fans angry at the Club's captain did not leave, Torres's departure throws the Blues fans exploded. Although Inter Milan official has announced that Vidic's join, Serbia centre back will be free to join for next season, but the Red Devils fans still stung by this fact. In the just-concluded against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, as Captain Nemanja Vidic played well, he opened the 1-1 strong Bundesliga Giants helped the team, player was awarded the match after the game. Saw their captain remains the same manner, and he will be dropped from next season, mixed feelings of Manchester United fans have a message to express his anger, directed to the Club, "you let Vidic is definitely a mistake," "Nemanja Vidic had to stay at Manchester United."

Support for and Nemanja Vidic being compared, inter's other favorite goal Torres very different treatment. Carries a value of 50 million pounds,air jordan 5 nz but Torres has not achieved at Anfield at Stamford Bridge height. Dreams, most of the times a professional trophy, Torres is actually at the Blues won a starting line-up, he became Chelsea fans hope out of players. So when Inter Milan hope to introduce Spain when the golden boy, blues fans a voice of cheer, "go and not put! "" Come on, go to Inter Milan now! "Seeing these comments, I do not know" life wins "Torres will feel. 30 year old Torres lives another significant decision that Mourinho would not stand in the player's left, madman has publicly said it would strike in the summer a restructuring of some game players will not be sold, paying substitute Fernando Torres was dropped from the first choice. Italy media reported that Inter Milan had requests to rent before you buy blues, Chelsea will also assume Torres 6 million annual salary of 2 million euros, Spain golden boy serie only to erase the stigma for their name.

In the East, because today there is no competition, so they do not change. But the Lynx, West of Knicks, hawks are no better than how much easier. Bobcats still have 7 games to play, including a direct confrontation and an eagle, to playoff, believe the Eagles will fight to the end. The Knicks final 6 games of the regular season would be over, seen from this 6-game opponent, Knicks pressure does not seem to be small, as opponents, including wizards, the heat, the Raptors and the bulls, the nets, to play against the Raptors 2 times. Currently ranked in the East, those teams in the playoffs. However, the contrary perhaps, because those teams have locked up playoff in advance, so that they may use the final games of the regular season to rest line-up, in the core of the main rest, then the Knicks chance appeared. 3 km east of Eagle on the team for the rest of the game is up, and there are 8 games to play and it is an advantage to them, and 5 games at Anfield, and if they can seize the opportunities for 5 games, might be able to step ashore in advance.
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