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German Bundesliga club Hamburg and Switzerland Football Association official confirmed that Switzerland Defender Zhu Lu from Arsenal permanent move to Hamburg. Germany media, Hamburg Zhu Lu paid the transfer fee at between 2.5 million and 3.5 million euros, the two sides signed a new contract until 2016, nike free 3.0 v5 womens  Zhu Lu became a full-fledged dropped from first person shooters this summer. 27 year old Switzerland international Zhu Lu arsenal on loan to Bundesliga team Hanover last winter season last summer after he passed the checkup in Hamburg, on loan to join for one year, while Hamburg has permanently bought out his option. Although Hamburg is currently ranked Bundesliga second last, mired in the relegation zone, but Zhu Lu's performance or team, he played 20 times, major scrimmage, the defense is quite clean, eating only a yellow card, so decided to sign him permanently in Hamburg, both sides of the new contract until 2016. After a formal transfer, Zhu Lu's first task was to help Hamburg main, Hamburg, currently just ahead of bottom of the Brunswick, 2 minutes, survival situation is not optimistic.


Zhu Lu arsenal this summer dropped from first to debut in the arsenal youth camp of the 04-05 season meant for his first team debut,nike free 3.0 v4 womens is Wenger focus half of seedling cultivation of, in the course of the season was loaned out to Birmingham. 2010-11 Zhu Lu played 37 times in the season, which was the highest of his arsenal career of the 2011-12 season he also earned 27 appearances opportunities. However, as weiermalun, kesiqieerni and per Mertesacker, Central Defender to join, along with his own isn't much better and the injury-plagued, 2012-13 Zhu Lu half season only 2 appearances, it was Wenger loaned to Hamburg SV in winter 2013. Not surprisingly, Zhu Lu this summer on behalf of Switzerland World Cup. 06, he selected the Switzerland national team, travel with the 06 and 08 World Cup European Cup competition. Zhu Lu confirmed after leaving the gunners, Defender and goalkeeper fabiansiji Sarnia are likely to follow in their footsteps. Two person's contract expires this summer, but without a contract, fabiansiji due to dissatisfaction with the bench, has rejected the gunmen's 3 year contract, Sarnia because they can't get the ideal refuses to renew the contract.


Even after the three-time tournament champion, Spain still nobody won the Golden Ball award. At the time told the Aspen daily news, Vicente del Bosque confess there is not satisfied with. In sequence for the biography of Vicente del Bosque, Casey pointed out that Vicente del Bosque's team is the worst memories of his real Madrid career. "Leading people must be respected, they are very good. But when our team won the World Cup and European Cup, I think we deserved personal honour. I don't want to name names, but I think that Spain players were supposed to win the Golden Ball award. "Vicente del Bosque Frank gives his views. Vicente del Bosque is managing the master dressing room, Dad gives his secret: "the good relationship between the players, the team is closer to success. "In the sequence for the biography of Vicente del Bosque, Casey talked about real time Daddy:" we have a great team, we have been excellent, everyone is happy. In 4 years, we have won two UEFA Champions League, La Liga and a furniture glass. But in 2003, after the La Liga title, I hear Bo in Gdansk to leave messages. I've fallen from heaven into hell, that was me at Real Madrid feel the worst moment. "Booz time, Cassie line-up had been taken by Cesar, shengyigeer recalled that paragraph:" it's helped me, made me realize that the essence of football. I was very frustrated, because every player wants to enter the starting lineup. But in the end I got it all, Vicente del Bosque gave me confidence again, all of this in the Champions League final has been verified.
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