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cushioning characteristics, general impact of aerobic exercise special

Third, oil and maintenance, 1, oil skin into oil or butter, its surface is smooth, the cortex itself grease penetration inside the cortex, easy to mold, and difficult to produce bacteria. No smell, good in health, soft. Oil leather has natural texture and delicate texture of ordinary leather and looks shiny and moist without oiling. Because of this feature, skin is very popular this year, became commonly used in the high-order bags of fabric. 2, skin care: nike free 4.0 v3 nz natural wrinkles and discoloration of the skin effect, various parts vary in color are normal. Should pay attention to when using waterproof, antipollution, suggested using leather clothing or sofa cleaners take care of it. Particularly worth mentioning is that oil leather even a scratch, don't worry, just under the scratch with a soft cloth to wipe, would disappear. If you find that lightens the color of the package will require Dayou, avoid using a variety of wipe the oil bag, wipe with a dry cloth.

3, cushioning characteristics, general impact of aerobic exercise special class of pressure equivalent to 5 times your weight. Good cushioning properties are required. Will help to disperse at the end of this impact. Well made of molded EVA or PU free 4.0 v2 nz Manufacturers are promoting a variety of techniques in order to further enhance midsole cushioning performance. If you were down less than one, or intense exercise, you probably need better than those downward tilt too much cushioning performance. 4, replaceable insole insoles are also capable of cushioning performance, while most prone to breakage. Shoe life can get to half time to replace the soles, there is a fundamental principle of replacement: after 150 hours of aerobic exercise, insoles will lose elasticity, you should replace the insoles. (According to different people, depending on the different training.


5, elastic flexibility of the shoe are decided by the feeling of your feet during exercise. Only use whole heel pad fibreboard fibreboard design sports shoes have better flexibility, low sneakers can also improve flexibility. 6, fit, your feet when you are under pressure and aerobic exercise increases. Vigorous exercise produces heat will increase the size for half a foot. Meanwhile, shoe not to squeeze the foot, the shoe between your longest toe and the top should have a thumb's width of the gap, to make sure that your toes are free activities, followed by the site should properly be posted. Furthermore, it should be frequently measured foot length, age and injuries have the potential to change what's foot size.

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