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leather became naked of, and around rough of mill sand formed not harm

Nubuck leather is made by processing the leather so that it gave a neat uniform leather fibrous tissue staining again came to the shoe, because heavy rough texture gives a feeling of warmth, but also makes this shoe is most often seen in winter boots. new balance 574 nzMill sand skin is various shoes material in the comparison delicate of a has, so-called delicate, is not said shoes texture bad, but because mill sand skin very easy contaminated dust, needless to say light series, including black, and Brown this class color is dirty has didn't discuss, must show exhaust, no any hiding room; shoes due to wearing led to wear zhihou, surface of fiber will slowly shedding, leather became naked of, and around rough of mill sand formed not harmony contrasts, also is effects beautiful.

Scrub skin how to clean and maintain it? If mill sand skin contaminated has dust, not with wet cloth wipe, as will put dust of area more wipe more big, than better of approach is with big and soft of brush light brush or light Shan vamp, gently to will dust Shan off, if stains hard removed, on with wet cloth with points by, and light dipped of way removal stains, such also does not led to stains surface continues to expanded. Avoid rain and snow do not wear Scrubs shoes, scrub a large area of water is difficult to manage, and cortex will harden. Scrub skin maintenance how to proceed? If you're not sure you can take care of nubuck leather, please send the shoes to a shoe repair shop for maintenance and, of course, can also xiefen to go with shoe color evenly coated on the surface of the shoe, extra parts with a soft brush.


Rough with heels, wearing heels most headache of is slim of high with orders each step are became wavers indefinite, maybe Xia a seconds didn't twist good will fell,new balance 996 nz settlement this problem is simple, select rough with heels on line 's, not fear rough rough of heel is you is bulky, rough with below 5cm is will is is conservative is old, 7cm above of rough with is fashion 's, don't fear rough rough of heel is you not light, rough heel relative Yu fine heel for more easy on like you shank of slim, But still a little retro flavor, too. Loop shoes with high heels, and if the shoe has a shoe at the ankle or instep loop would be better, whether you wear thin shoes, thick heels, wedges, issues that have nothing to worry about the shoes fall off when walking, but also reduce the burden on both feet while walking, can avoid the embarrassment of shedding shoes walk.
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