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leather shoe collection shoe moisture. Shoe cavity into shaping paper,

3: in leather boots coated with the right amount of shoe Polish. Shoe Polish with a soft cloth-coated uniform, shoe light shade of the same color or slightly-use shoe Polish. If you need to make leather shoes shiny, and has a good waterproof, you can apply a layer of thin oily Polish! 4: brush with a brush, shoe Polish nutrient penetration into the shoe leather, and finally Polish with a soft cloth, but also guarantees the shoes does not stain their pants! Three: leather shoe care note several points: 1 continuous wearing time per pair of shoes should not be too long, (earlier mentioned in several posts there) shoes should not let air dry, skin cream immersed in water, because it will affect the extension and strong resistance of the leather sex! 2 the shoes cannot be with others, otherwise there will be significant deformation, because man's feet are different! 3:nike free run 2 nz leather shoe collection shoe moisture. Shoe cavity into shaping paper, desiccant in ventilated places, air temperature is kept at 18-20


Leather skirt + stockings + Roman shoes, challenging the eye directly convey smell sexy upskirt pendulum, semi-transparent pantyhose and exposing the Roman index of edge of the shoe as you have added the charm, blue-gray cropped-sleeve long knit sweater will be sexy-moderate cover up, send out for refusing temptation. nike free run 3 nzKnit and leather fabrics shocks to give you more. Long sequined little shirt + Roman shoes long sequined little shirts look unimpressive at first glance, but add a wide belt to bundle it out waist line, long gown + base elongate your figure, plus a handsome hat and a pair of stylish shoes in Rome don't dazzle can't.

Sleeve dress + shoes in Rome, who said anything about Roman shoe wear beauty sweet, simple dresses, long, single-tone only skirts plus a satin fabric with color make you cuter, and a large area of Roman shoes match color and cutout effect, don't have a taste. Glitter pencil pants + vest + Roman shoes Roman shoes wear with the matching pencil pants are the most common method, each MM got Roman shoes think of pencil pants, pencil pants with a shiny little waistcoat above can tell you whether it's a night out or a participating Party may also shine.
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