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Her real name is Karmen Fong...if u wanted to know. Not NICOLE LI. She's just been using the name Nicole Li and other names because everyone in Vancouver HATES her. LOL She's a thief, all her stuff are stolen from Holt Renfrew, Coach, Guess and various other places. She did the same thing to my friend and scammed her as well. Nobody likes this person. Don't trust her either. She's a high school drop out and used to live with her grandma in burnaby but now lives in richmond because her family hates her too!!! She tries to support herself now by stealing from stores and people and then reselling the stuff. DO NOT support her in buying her stolen goods!!! She's been scamming people on here for awhile now. Its actually quite pathetic. I hope she gets locked up for good and karma kicks her ass!!!  Oh & another thing....this girl likes to make up stories to cover up her lies. Her little story about being robbed is a lie to try & cover up her scam that went wrong. can she claim that someone was trying to rob her when she's a "CAREER SCAMMER" and we all know it!! That's the funniest thing I've ever heard of!! And if that's really the case then why are the police so interested in doing an investigation on her?? Not everyone relies on this site to make a living so don't be surprised that the people she scammed have now closed their lists after what happened to them. Karmen won't be deleting her account anytime soon because she's broke and stealing and scamming people right now is her only means of income. That's exactly why she changes her name and emails all the time. Why else would a person not use their real name and instead use aliases like Nicole Li, Kammi Li, Khloe Lynn, Landy Candy?? Its obvious its because she scams people on a regular basis. So as is the number she uses 778-886-2540  but be careful because its only a matter of time before she has a new name, list, email etc. BTW, She also sent me a threatening email today and also stated that "If she steals then that's her own business"....actually....if YOU steal and try to rip people off...THAT'S EVERYONE'S BUSINESS!!! And don't worry, I'll be forwarding that email to the police to add to the investigation and to help all those people she ripped off and scammed!!!!!!! 
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Location: I Too Got Scammed By -bbaabbyy, BC Canada
Created on: November 20, 2009 22:55:17 PST
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