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Mates, Dates, and Tempting Trouble - Cathy Hopkins

New condition. Retails for $9. Paperback. 238 Pages.

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"I wonder what would have happened if I'd met you before Nesta," said Luke as he took my hand and looked deeply into my eyes. A bolt of electricity shot through me and I snatched my hand back as if it had been burnt. This can't be happening, I thought.

When Luke, the boy that Nesta has been dating, declares passionate love for T.J., she doesn't know what has hit her. She does her best to avoid him, but when the local schools are asked to work together on a project, Luke is chosen as the overall coordinator and T.J. has no choice but to report back to him on a regular basis. Misunderstandings and miscommunications threaten the girls' friendship and split them into two camps: Lucy and Nesta, Izzie and T.J. Will their friendship survive? And what will T.J.'s steady boyfriend, Steve, make of it all?


Mates, Dates, and Tempting Trouble - Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates, and Tempting Trouble - Cathy Hopkins
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