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Sunwing - Kenneth Oppel

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"In search of his father, Shade discoveres a mysterious Human building that contains a vast forest. Home to thousands of bats, it's warm as a summer night, teeming with insect food - and free from the deadly owls. Is this Paradise? Shade and his Brightwing friend, Marina, aren't so sure. What about the bats who suddenly go missing? And where is Shade's father?
It isn't long before they are swept up in a perilous adventure that takes them to the far southern jungle and to the homeland of Goth, now king of all the Vampyrum Spectrum, cannibal bats with three-foot wingspans. Battling giant praying mantises and barracudas, and with the help of an owl prince and a rat army, Shade must use all his resourcefulness to rescue his father - and stop Goth from creating eternal night."

In good condition, corner of front cover is slightly bent. Retails $9. Paperback. 300 pages. 

Sunwing - Kenneth OppelSunwing - Kenneth OppelSunwing - Kenneth Oppel
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