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QA-001 Tube pre-amplifier  

QA-001 Tube pre-amplifier


(Home of super hi-end
  audio with affordable price)

100% Professional hand-made



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Designer and manufacturer of over 100 models of super hi-end
  tube pre-amp and power amp, hybrid amp, integrated amp, DAC, Buffer amp, MC/MM
  phono amp, headphone amp, hi-end speaker systems and active tube crossovers.
  Hi-end TUBE pre-amplifier start from C$480 only, even our starting model can
  easily surpass the sonic performances of those selling US$3,000-4,000 with a
  big name , 30 days cash refund guaranteed minus re-stocking and shipping (see
  terms and conditions on our website )

Address : 2909 East 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V5M

Tel: (604) 254-8133

Office hours : Tue / Wed / Fri / Sat 1:00-6:00pm (other day/time
  by appointment)

70Wrms x 2 single-ended 300B power
  amplifier (C$2,680 only)

Item for sale : QA-001-Mk2
  (detail product information please check our website )


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Descriptions : Hi-end
  pure tube pre-amplifier (use 6SL7 / 6SN7 / 6SU7 x 2)

Organic circuit design,
  no transistor, no integrated circuits, all hand-wire point-to-point, no feedback
  design, pure tube. Very open, smooth and detail sound with superb musicality
  and 3D holographics soundstage, you will not get the same supreme sonic performance
  even spend thousands on other brands.



  No. of inputs : 1 set of RCA inputs (optional: no. of inputs from 2 to 12 max.)

  No. of outputs : 1 set of RCA outputs (optional : dual RCA outputs add $50)

  Max. input level : 2Vrms / 4Vrms upon customer request

  Freq response: 2Hz - 100Khz (-3db)

  S/N > 85 db

  Gain : x3 to x6 depend on tube types (non-feedback design, gain depend on tubes)

  manufacturing: hand-wired point to point

  Phase : 180deg inverted (option: non-inverted )

  Input impedance: Typical 68Kohm (option: from 10Kohm to 1Mohm make to order
  with no additional cost )

Color available : Gold
  / Silver / Brass / Black / Grey / Blue / Red / Brown in MDF chassis

(silver/gold aluminum chassis
  add $50)

Conditions : New
  with 1 year parts and labour warranty

Payment methods:
  Money order/ bank deposit / Email money order / check / PAYPAL (3% charge)

Ship by : UPS
  / Canada Post
, local pickup with cash/check welcome
  . Will only ship to confirmed address if pay by PAYPAL.

Shipping schedule :
  3-5 business for in-stock items, allow 2-3 wks for custom order/out-of-stock

Satisfaction guarantee
return in 30 days in original conditions
  , full cash refund minus re-stocking fee of -20%, shipping cost will not refund.



QA-001 Tube pre-amplifier  
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Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
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