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Pointy shoes: the lady was dressed in pointy high heels a few years la

Pointy shoes: the lady was dressed in pointy high heels a few years later, found the foot deformation, toes crammed together, below the big toe bones prominent, pain. She went to the hospital for medical treatment, was diagnosed hallux valgus, following years went for treatment, after inconclusive in orthotic corrections, surgical osteotomy correction has to do. Now, she would rather not catch "fashion", or dare to wear tight free 4.0 v3 nz Said Xie Ming, Director of Wuhan General Hospital foot and ankle surgery, hallux valgus is caused by heredity, trauma, rheumatic diseases, but young women to have the disease, almost always wear a pair of high heels cause. People close to the foot shape rectangular, while the front end is narrow and pointed high heels of cone-shaped space, after forcibly squeeze, shoe toes squished. Coupled with the high heels, causing body weight forward, focus change, more pressure to the toes, hallux valgus caused more.

Snow boots: the opposite of the Lady, 21 year-old Tintin is a fashion-loving girl students, in recent years, her style you want to buy a pair of fresh snow every winter boots, both relaxed and smooth. Last fall, she often felt a sore foot, walking a bit "horoscopes". To the hospital for a check, the doctor says, uggs shoes are too loose, and feet in the shoes do not have access to the appropriate fixed, skidded to prevent walking, toe prolonged traction, fatigue occur after pain. Toe cap is too tight and it gets sick, toe box too wide will foot pain, skidding. How to vamp them would be good? The doctor said, dress up and walk a few steps, do not feel crowded then. For people with fat, high instep foot, preferably in the afternoon, when the feet swell slightly to try on a new pair of shoes. Roman shoes: Roman shoes and Gladiator shoes style similar to the ancient Roman Gladiator shoes, nike free 4.0 v2 nzuppers, are crossed by a thin strap at the ankle, look very handsome. This summer, working in the Office of Ms Wang bought a pair of sandals. But every afternoon, her feet are swollen, fine insteps of shoes can make out all marks, overnight before receding.


1. basic requirements: the shoe must fit, not too big not too small! Do not be affected by the salesman's rhetoric. 2. greater sense look higher; on the contrary, with the narrower, more difficult, so heel can be high, but actually, if broad, easier to grasp. 3. do not repeat the PRADA slip failure examples of models in a fashion show: don't wear slippery socks or even not to wear socks, soles toes must be able to make reliable contacts, you can walk in high heels! 4. self-confidence! High heels also an attempt to look good, so nice must be issued from the heart: do not cover the lost and hesitant fear of slipping, stand tall, stand up straight! At the same time, swing your hips when you walk, can also help balance.

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