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certainly each double shoes are to has following 3 big features to sai

The so-called "urban casual shoes" is for most urban residents will stay in the city over the holidays. Many people like in holiday see movie new balance 574 nz, shopping Shopping, everywhere people see people,, became will unique leisure type State, so for will population of psychological needs by created of personality merchandise, to shoes itself to stressed liberation bound pressure of free and self-expression! don't thought leisure on can hold to easily, matter of attitude, relative of, since leisure is on themselves of a Petting, certainly each double shoes are to has following 3 big features to said have Shang is qualified of "city leisure shoes", first: Have strict quality requirements of the representation of self.


Long-standing through high heels affect our health. Ladies high heel-proof ten deadly sins: first, lower back pain or cervical vertebra illness: high heels makes people focus too much moved forward, inevitably led to the pelvis forward, increased curvature of the spine, lumbar and cervical stress concentration, prone to injury, the accumulation of damage occurs will eventually lead to lower back pain and cervical spondylosis. new balance 996 nzSecond, the knee: because of the weight bearing line changes, articular cartilage wear heavier, induce or aggravate articular cartilage degeneration. Third, the ankle sprain: the "Wei-foot" normal walking and movement, the ankle is prone to rollover, outside of the shoe is always the first to wear and it is for this reason. Four, flat feet: the higher the heel, foot-long bow back arm, the tension on the Plantar Aponeurosis (tension) is also greater. If the long rally too much, Plantar Aponeurosis relaxation foot arch will lower, worst will result in pingzu.

V, hallux valgus: because the toe is caused by the sharp squeeze thumb and toe shoes. Hallux hallux valgus foot toes by shoe friction and compression, inflammation of spike-like pain. Six thumb bursitis: pointed toe squeezing your feet, hallux bursitis problems. Seven, hammer toe: when the toes are forced to and the shoes squeeze ahead of time, will put toes in unnatural form, causing toe toes often caused by bending deformation of joints in the middle of foot problems. Eight, the fatigue fracture: forefoot pressure caused by high heels can cause stress fractures; nine, corns or thick Cocoon: shoes and feet constant friction, grow a thicker crust. Ten, metatarsal joint pain: high heels, in addition will change the gravity distribution throughout the body, and can cause more weight to the metatarsal. This causes the forefoot feel pressure and pain.
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