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walking in the streets, and will often even accidentally, others can't

But experts also cautioned that high heels are also limited, with 2-3 cm are most suitable, high heels "standard of health" is 7 cm, if exceeding 7 cm feet torture device. Too high or the heel of the left and right sides are not the same height would be, prejudicial to health. The heel is too high, the gravity center of human body leaning forward too much, move the body's centre of gravity to the forefoot, squeezed toe systemic blood circulation. nike free run 2 nzPeople change when they are walking normal posture, too upright on the waist, buttocks bulge, they also increase the pelvis forward. If the heel is about, can lead to pelvic distortion and over time damage to spine, shoulder and neck pain and other symptoms may occur. Some women are not just like high heels, especially fond of fine, bipedal walking on the narrow surface of less than 1 square centimeter, walking in the streets, and will often even accidentally, others can't help but worry about them.


Pointed out that when wearing flip-flops, people will worry about shoes flying off, subconsciously bend so walk toe to pull the shoe. "The body is a machine with precise wonderful. When you exercise a certain group of muscles, muscle movement is linked to several other groups. Tighten toe muscles, it will encourage those toes traction lift muscles stopped free run 3 nz This means that when you walk away, you can't move his toes raise high enough. "It's a chain reaction. Clamping shoes because of the toe not slacken up, which leads to change of the angle of the ankle, heel vertical force smaller, the same subjects, wear flip-flops when stride when smaller than wearing running shoes.

Said flip-flops should be 3-4 month for replacement. Taste every time she wears flip-flops should not exceed one hour, inter alia, avoid injury wounds of high heel flip flops. Related links 1 flip-flops high-risk groups. Children should not wear thongs, children's feet have not yet fully developed, often wearing no protection and support of flip-flops will form poor walking posture and habits of young children, development of the Biped also could be affected. 2. Pregnant women, people with excessive body weight: weight too high people need more support from the shoes? they usually smoked more pressure due to the weight placed on the feet, ankles and back. Flip-flops would increase the losses in these locations, bringing greater harm to these parts. 3. Easy people dumped shoes: sandals is very easy to be dumped, flip-flops are more likely to dump, that promise not to dump, it worked only clamping, worked as easily hurt the muscle tendon, so those who dumped shoes, is not suitable to wear flip-flops, the image is destroyed. 4. Feet need special attention:-legs, pulling ads such as the Lin Chi-ling, like Ronaldo, Yao's foot race athletes, should not wear thongs, flip-flops will increase their chance of sprains hurt, the stakes are high, think twice.
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