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by a score of 68 to stand on 19 seconds and 200 m titles

in the IAAF diamond League, the IAAF challenge of many important events in 10 times, winning the 100-meter Trapeze battle champion.From May 3, the IAAF challenge Jamaica stood hundreds of meters to the Monaco diamond League just ended, Gatlin won the toured Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Eugene, Lausanne, Rome, and other cities. Period, Gatling hit a 9 seconds on July 3 at the diamond League meeting in Lausanne station 80 men's hundred-meter world best this year, half a month later, by a score of 68 to   air max 1 sale   stand on 19 seconds and 200 m titles, refresh the men's 200-meter world best record of the year, two new awards both in the Pocket.Perhaps some senior track and field fans will remember, Gatlin at the 2004 Athens Olympics after winning the men's hundred-meter Crown, had to announce to the world: "I want to be the fastest runner in the world." Ten years later, has become a "veteran" Gatlin still did not give up on their demands, his outstanding form and let people have a reason to look forward to track and field scene more exciting "veteran

new biography".Special step booster "acceleration"See Trapeze every moment of gloryAs early as 2012, Gatlin signed a contract with first domestic fashion sports brand xtep, become the first step in the field of running the Messenger. Since then, the special equipment tailored for it, along with the expedition's major sporting events, to witness their every run for the glory of winning moments. Whether it is in Beijing's bird's nest, or in Monaco's Louis II Stadium, Gatlin crossed the finish line at the moment, xtep logo on the chest is even more dazzling.In recent years, especially step in the field of sports deep, rewarding. mizuno wave spacer review    In particular for professional running gear made of Gatling is highlight its professional quality. Among them, Gatlin's boots is technically really reflects the special step in the movement's focus and achievements and xtep Sport Science Laboratory and the international designer's exquisite "mix and match". Its upper with seamless connectivity, SprintWeb can minimize the weight of the shoe uppers and at the same

time provide adequate foot support; by the end of Sprintframe is not only light and breathable, the athlete's punch through transfer of ultra-light soles to the ground so that energy can be converted to maximize power. Meanwhile, after 2 years of trying innovative characteristics of the boots with Gatlin-foot and punches used to achieve a perfect match as the "acceleration" another tool to further express the legend. In addition, special contest for Gatlin tailor-made shirt, is using its favorite blue, supplemented by representatives of fringe elements of speed, not only so that "acceleration" as one who runs the fastest and also help it become the sports of track and field's most stylish bright star.In addition to sign Gatlin, the sprinter in the world, especially step also sponsors including the Xiamen Marathon, Marathon, Marathon in Yangzhou, Guangzhou,

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