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fewer styles, Viet Nam domestic shoes to compete with Chinese products

consumption of more than 1.300 million pairs of shoes, mostly imported from abroad. Viet Nam footwear Association Secretary-General Pan Shi young, said due to the imports of raw materials and fewer styles, Viet Nam domestic shoes to compete with Chinese products. Viet Nam Retailers Association Secretary-General Ding Mei Luan said most exporters reluctant to open up the mainland market due to existing machinery and equipment suitable for the production of export products, and market demand for mainland enterprises lack research, sales more difficult. In 1985, 17 year old Lin Pan began his   nike air max 87 black and white    apprenticeship. A shoe company, he used packaging, ran the business, through the market, well aware of enterprise supply and marketing mode of operation, and accumulated rich experience in business management and marketing. 1992Years, with the support of family members,

 relatives and friends, Lin Shuipan founded his own small shoe factories, including only a dozen employees, family members, relatives and friends. The initial stage, due to lack of funds, the conditions were very primitive, plant rentals. He recalled that "at the workshop ceiling materials are asphalt. "Although the plant is small, just a few small improvised makeshift sheds, but Lin Shuipan appy, his own" happy marketing Bible "-" happy sale "in the process, should pay attention to the research and control of work processes  nike air max 2015 womens    and procedures, the key is a" thin ". "There are difficult things to do in easy, World Affairs will carefully and well done" to the actual situation, market segmentation, targets, clients, personnel, refined way; the overall task down into each region, each customer, each person every day. Break large tasks into smaller tasks, and also resolve the tasks under pressure; things into simple things difficult, thereby reducing the work more difficult. Do every little thing, they unknowingly did things, doing

well the result must be good and ready and who will feel happy.Because of well-run management, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and other places of business with marketable sample on him, he is capable of processing and production according to customer requirements, according to the quality and quantity of the delivery, shoe factory and therefore continued to develop and grow.In the eyes of forest and water, product quality is the most important issue. In order for quality management with international practice as soon as possible, as early as 2001, Lin Shuipan and his baby Dragon import ISO quality management system and environmental management system, from raw material procurement to product delivery of every aspect of implementation of total quality management. Now, the arrival of long year with sales of 5% for product research and development, all design departments.

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