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learn the actual store technology, also let their operating mode of th

 rational deployment of commodity management mechanisms, so people, cargo, Trinity, supporting each other, can we win the battle Terminal competition. This training not only enables the retailer to learn the actual store technology, also let their operating mode of thinking to get baptized. I believe in the company under the teaching project of the terminal extension, seven different kinds of Zhuzhou branch of Hui is bound to a new level! "Training for this tour, seven-wave-guide company attached great importance to Chairman Chen Hongqi, visit the field guide, and have high expectations for the training. He encouraged local business partners to participate actively in the terminal building, in order to achieve seven-wave-guide "the era of big retail" to come to make its own contribution, this tremendous morale lifted the climax of the training floor,

clapping.Seven-wave-guideCircuit training has achieved encouraging results in this type of Zhuzhou's business partner said: "through this three-day training, comprehensively enhance combat and team execution of Zhuzhou Terminal. "The project team will go into the next, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang branch, and targeted training for all branches of the market characteristics for ecological sustainability, many fashion brands in apparel recycle and reuse efforts. For those environmentally conscious does not have any strong, mizuno wave prophecy 2 uk    consumers of sustainable fashion is in doubt, advocating sustainable clothing brands usually offer real concessions, starting with increasing consumer engagement to increase their awareness of environmental protection.H&m as a pioneer in the field, how to approach sustainable development practices, it's worth learning from business models and technical

 means of it?H&m environmental protection seriesConscious collection is h&m the special development of sustainable fashion series, mizuno wave rider 17 review    launched in 2009 for the first time, then will launch a series of products every year, it totally made from environmentally-friendly materials and other sustainable materials. 2013 h&m launched conscious exclusive collection called h&m green series-limited edition. This series of designs with elegant dresses, perfectly competent dinners and red carpet attire needs.Old clothes recycling schemeIs a global mass actions for recycling old clothes, customers can own long-term inactive or no longer wear old clothes in the h&m store bins for recycling old clothes, whether it is t shirts, jeans or a jacket, or clothing brand, and in Exchange for a discount of 85 percent of the coupon, buy anything in the store.Closed-loop production and recycling

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