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Also casual shoes, under certain conditions for persons with specific

Men casual shoes material (practical) and mental functions (aesthetic, symbolic) requirements of both universal and individual, functional  JGL requirements of individual are decided by people of different circumstances and conditions. Also casual shoes, under certain conditions for persons with specific needs. For example, age, region, education, status, social class and income of men, its casual shoes style aesthetic and functional needs have different aesthetic, Jiangsu and Zhejiang men appreciation casual shoe a classic beauty, and northeastern men are more willing to see the beauty of a wild casual shoes. Practical function, southern consumers Cheap casual shoes care more about casual shoe breathability and waterproofness, Northern consumers looking casual shoe slip resistance and insulation. Designer only awareness to leisure shoes of various function also not enough to makes this products makes consumers satisfaction, designer also must understand effect leisure shoes using of other factors, as popular fashion, and structure structure, and material performance, and production technology, and cost control, all factors, only and these factors combined good, leisure shoes design to better to meet consumption and production business two a aspects requirements, design also only real has meaning and role.
At present, the elegance daily leisure shoe Special shoes color to Brown, milk, Brown, Brown, dark brown, yellow-gray and brownish black mouth lightness and low brightness and warm gray. In recent years, beige, bean yellow the warm grey, beige and other sophisticated low-purity using high frequency, with the improvement of people's standard of living, there will be more people choose this to show himself a higher grade of Gao Mingdu low purity of warm grey.

Aokang group formerly known as Yongjia Olin shoe factory, founded in 1988. Company in industry in the first through has ISO9001 international quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification, and became industry in the only of national first industrial tourism model points; after more than 10 years of development, has was named province focus backbone enterprise, and province "five a a" enterprise, and province heavy contract and trustworthy with units, and province civilization units, and province brand products 50 strong, and China industry ten strong, and national private hundred strong enterprise; led products "aokang" brand shoes gradually was Zhejiang Province famous trademark, and Zhejiang Province brand products , Won for five consecutive top ten leather shoes Wang, and awarded China well-known trademarks in brand-name products, and so on.

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