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Men's casual shoes material should be selected on the texture feels wa

Men's casual shoes like color design, material design, around casual shoe style properties to use the material. Men's casual shoes material should be selected on the texture feels warm, intimate and subtle Suede, nubuck leather, chamois leather, embossed leather, wrinkled leather, fabrics, such as cotton, linen, paint texture effects exaggerated materials  Cheap pointy shoes such as leather, Pearl Leather generally do not. Upscale casual shoes can be used with some rare crocodile, ostrich, snake skins and other materials.
Men's casual shoes using advanced materials, has similar characteristics with skin, so casual shoes through the 2-3 days later, should be replaced, let loose expansion of leather fibers to shrink reduction, stretch the crease, the essential moisture in the shoe. No matter how much you love it, you have to give it the appropriate time to rest.

These typical appearance design and process Special shoes approach is at the end of combination sew has strengthened along the bottom perimeter, seem natural and rugged structure design with good foot ear-level structure, outer end and finishing bottom-or with a lower heel, materials, wear-resistant, lightweight, and has good elastic life. Upper material with natural materials such as suede, nubuck leather, embossed leather or texture of coarse cotton, linen fabrics. Men's casual shoes designed first of all to meet the functional requirements, namely, wearing JGL comfort, is mainly realized through structure design and material properties. Pragmatic function of met cases, men's casual shoes design should pay attention to fashion and personal performance, in particular grasp the extent, styling and functionality depending on a particular consumer, and depending on the intended use and environment, men's casual shoes designed to adhere to a general principle of comfort, a sense of ease and personalization.

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