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nike foamposites sale absorber technology

We can think of shoes as a spring. We run to find a substitute for knee cartilage structure absorbs shocks, finish the task, is that running shoes shock   nike foamposites sale    absorber technology. It can take the knee cartilage deformation for these materials to undertake, knee work would be less. Running shoes are not intended to make us run faster, but to make us run without injuries. This is the meaning of shoes.

1, jogging shoes: ready for ordinary runners. Full protection, to avoid injury. Life expectancy is generally runs 1000-kilometer. Characterized by heavy, perfect protection. 2, performance training shoe: for professional and semi professional runners prepare special track sessions. This shoe is focused on protection and light balance,  nike kobe 8 cheap   on the one hand to avoid athletes were injured, on the other hand to allow athletes a performance. 3, Marathon shoes: shoes prepared for the marathon only, not suitable for daily jogs. Its light to almost no weight to protect poor, life expectancy is very short.

Know the types of shoes, we take a look at methods to distinguish them: running shoes tend to be heavy, very thick soles. Performance training shoe Center, one could feel lighter than ordinary shoes, lighter than running shoes away. Marathon shoes are very light, almost weightless, soles are very thin and easy to spot. Runners are more suited to running shoes. This shoe is far less to protect than running shoes, because on the one hand a professional athlete's physical condition is much better than those of us amateurs, avoiding sports injury techniques are much better, on the other hand, in the pursuit of light, manufacturers must give up a lot of technology. This shoe is there is only one purpose, as a professional marathon runner pursuit game high score.

Road first of two parts, in order to cross country and trail running. Cross country running is not man-made, or put up less "good", mountain roads, dirt roads, and trees. Including track, trail running, road and so on very straight roads, plastics, cement, bitumen, are counted. This is the most important, and least error-prone step. If you make a mistake, the result may make you spend hundreds of thousands to buy running shoes, put on after a long day they die. Generally has three running posture, ectropion, entropion, severe overpronator. Three consecutive progressive relationship.

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