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Barcelona vs Manchester city-like focus of UEFA Champions League, referee controversies always the elephant in the room, Demichelis was sent off in the first round and sent a penalty penalties caused by Manchester City tried to protest (foul on the initial contact with locations outside the restricted area), coach Pelegrini is a ban for kouchubuxun. Time round the same controversial, Barcelona suffer first half twice, one goal was blown, a penalty is not liable, just before the Manchester one deserved penalty kicks were also balance 373 sale  This battle 6 minutes Messi had manage to break into the closed area, laisikete leg break away from its sphere, and more often than "Pao Kung reincarnated" much faster, smaller fleas have already hit the ball brush the Dodge, not only did former Everton Defender met ball, also stepped on foot directly in Barcelona tripped him on the leading foot. Shortly after opening a verbal warning laisikete (imposition of professional fouls on Messi) Referee-lannuoyi Stephen, don't have any express cautious, Camp Nou field booed.


Judging from the slow, foul laisikete is obvious, the daily sport newspaper Quintana protest: "England Central Defender obviously a step late,new balance 420 sale kicked the Argentina people, the referee took Macy's a clear penalty." France referee lannuoyi is UEFA President Michel Platini fellow countryman 3 enforcement sides, red and blues keep trendsetter 2007 3-1 caught Stuttgart, 2-0 beat Copenhagen, there is 1-0 wins the Boston Celtics last year, opening his yardstick for law enforcement but this battle makes Barcelona very dissatisfied. More rich controversy sexual lens in 18 minutes appeared, Barca in Manchester City downfield formed continuous short tie, Fabregas to out a remember penetrating force very strong of straight plug ball, ball from laisikete and Sabaleta Zhijian of voids through, home team anti-offside consciousness most strong of Defender Alba anti-plug Shang broken off Manchester City offside trap and homeopathic cross knocking neimaer, however Brazil people just began will ball pushed network Wo will heard referee shrill of whistle, side CD found Alba offside prior.


Broadcasting agencies then repeated in slow motion clearly shows that small toe, moment, Alba and Compagni, after two Manchester City players in the same parallel, Barcelona's legitimate goal to be in the negative. Two of Madrid sports daily Marca reported with the Aspen also are recognized, "Messi deserves a penalty and goals from neimaer have been wrong". This ball is of course on the linesman judged difficult because Massey neimaer was offside on the other side, maybe the linesman sight interference. Controversial moments again with 78 minutes, dzeko into restricted areas, register before Damen, Peake sliding shovel suspected trip into the city center from behind the heel causes the latter deformation of shooting action, seen from the slow motion it is also behind a penalty foul. However cautious lannuoyi motioned the game continue to keep Manchester City a collective protest, a direct result of violently Sabaleta accumulated two yellow sent off. As a broadcast commentary, former England internationals Danny Mills reviews: "I think it was a penalty, Manchester City has every right to be angry and annoyed, but Sabaleta used to contradict the referee in the chest, players cannot touch the referee at all times, such a response is not appropriate.

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