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Real Madrid's last 16 second leg against Schalke at home in Beijing on Wednesday, 3:45 A.M., due to the 6:1 win for first round Titans have won on the road, as well as taking into account weekends with Barca's Spain country Derby, new balance 576 uk at a news conference before the game against Schalke on Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that Real Madrid will adopt the tactics of rotation. Ancelotti said: "because we played a lot of matches lately, just played once on the road, players haven't completely rest the night before and this game we're going to make some changes. In order to enable all players to get a good recovery, I will make appropriate changes, resting tired players. "This Real Madrid are the best team ever coached? Carlo Ancelotti replied: "it's hard to compare, because I've coached a lot of great teams, now that Real Madrid has experienced, young, tenacious qualities, great abilities, that they may be the most comprehensive team.


What Barca game next week? Ancelotti said: "I have always thought that Barcelona is a very strong team and anyone who thinks so. Maybe they encountered some trouble before, but in the most recent game they solve these balance 595 uk Sunday's game will be a close game. "The game injured Benzema last week? Ancelotti said: "tomorrow's game, he was unable to play, but we are confident that he can recover in a timely manner, catch the Barca game. "Ancelotti went on to emphasize the importance of Benzema:" he was very important, not just scoring and his impact on the game, he played before a strike, let us continue to wait for his recovery tomorrow, if he can't play, we have players to replace him. "" My future? This question is hard to answer in time. I'm doing well, I'm happy to stay here. I think assessment coach is watching the team scores, it is very common in football. "Ancelotti laughed and responded to questions about his future.


Real Madrid now have hopes of winning three Championships, which is a challenge to a Championship scramble? Ancelotti said: "for the time being, King's Cup and the Champions League is concerned, I think we're in a La Liga game a little advantage. "Real Madrid victory will look down on the first round second leg clash? Ancelotti said: "I think the team is very good, we are in the last one off the Court than a great, I think it is ready for the competition to win the best way. Play well can help us increase confidence, you have to respect our efforts, respect the game, respect for the opponent. "Real Madrid's starting 11? Ancelotti said: "will serve as the first episode, I can tell you that our offensive line, that is, Morata, Jesse as well as Cristiano Ronaldo. Jesse was lucky when my first Champions League press conference, I'm 30 years old, and he's only 21 years old. "Final Ancelotti said Isco will play," Isco will tomorrow play from midfield, he had to get used to this position, to participate in defense, I believe he can.
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