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"Young front", the Marca newspaper think the second leg against Real Madrid and Schalke is presenting the next stage of the Galactic fleet, has been called the new Fernando Morientes Morata into a ball and participate in driving the first ball, really rare Flash of light. Unfortunately, his old partner, Jesse had a bad moment,new balance 991 cheap  opening soon in serious injury happens, this season has been declared the reimbursement. 6-1 win away from home in the first round, Ancelotti nature can go all out workout young young man, this bondage Real Madrid started with 8 players, such as Isco, Jesse, Morata and Illarramendi, who symbolizes the team's future. This is the team for 18 years in a Champions League playoff record, the last time was in March 1996 against Juventus in battle, even with Group, Real Madrid's last Champions League debut with 8 players, going back to November 2002 with Genk battle.


, Including national team competitions, Vallanet had 4 consecutive major, return to the starting lineup of the previous 4 games on the bench played just 45 minutes of Jesse. Handsome Jesse for the press conference before the game, new Cristiano Ronaldo although oral low profile "when you played for this team, you need to bow to learn", but on go to war written all over his face, the Marca newspaper exciting to announce, "flash point". But, unfortunately,new balance 996 cheap is that after 8 minutes Jesse was knocked over by Mangal hankelaxinaci, end up pulling a muscle, Salgado WINS in 2005 and 2006, Woodgate, tied for first was substituted in Real Madrid history's fastest players. Judging from the media screen, Jesse right knee bent is obvious, the Marca newspaper announced that Jesse would hurt after the game stop in June, reimbursed ahead of this season, didn't expect World Cup natural. An Shuai confirmed after the game: "cruciate ligament was broken, he was really unlucky, we lose a very important player, but that's football. "Ronaldo is very frustrating," Jesse injuries made us feel really bad ", but added little guy he is very optimistic," everyone encouraging me, thank you very much.


Jesse in the first indicator of the season frozen in Real Madrid's first team-31 on the 8 ball, Real Madrid strike officers do not mean handsome remaining season must be recorded with only 3 balls of Morata. Real Madrid first ball bondage xinmoluo contribution, up the ball turned and then play, smooth action and function key, then was sent a cross from Cristiano Ronaldo to break Bell. Unfortunately, Bell again to send Morata then when crossing, which fire in reverse right-wing cross with his right foot, open and close out the referee didn't help, the second half Germany internationals heweidesi zone from the shoveling behind Morata shank, black judges gestured the game continues, bring Bernabeu stands booed. Teammates try to ball to Morata, unfortunately young Palace foot is slightly worse, followed by single balls were goalkeeper Feldman-bashing, but Ronaldo misses Bell comity warplanes after supplementation, Morata finally opened. Though losing a lot, Morata at least score, midfielder Isco name but still missed a good opportunity once again, Ronaldo gave the latter the opportunity, but he fielded two people began shooting soft and unable to be Feldman. Isco really have a set, just shooting a ring just like with Morata or weaknesses tempered, in stoppage time pretty extraordinary small-angle single pole shot flew a foot ball. Question for which An Shuai can do to take away: "he can play anywhere, very strong capacity", because Jesse was injured, Isco century wars debut chances, even if it's just a substitute.
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