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s more cool. In the shoe toe ADU classic s

More mature. From a design point of view, is brief and smooth lines, real pitch in practice, these shoes are simple in appearance but is more cool. In the shoe toe ADU classic signature, Durant and the very parts of the tongue KD letters Q logo, bottom design incorporates a lot of Durant Durant family information, can be well tested true fans know about the star's adequacy. In here also had to mentioned Durant five elite version, once released, on get many people of concern, certainly price also not cheap, but from shape Shang for also not go air jordan xx8 se uk  of dazzle cool route, General design compared great, Qian zoom Hou Max of soles design brings has is good of sustained earthquake effect, see soles of design, wear sex and stability are good, General for, as du

RAND 5 boots, its performance is good, color scheme is very light, suitable for combat, but is still relatively expensive because of its price, suggested playing the infield. And Durant I in Stadium Shang of dominated and super strong of scored capacity similar, designer in design Kevin Durant 5 generation war boots of process in the also rarely into flashy of design, all of design are only for wear Shang this double shoes of people has best of combat experience, from soles to uppers, from function to package sex are reflected has super strong of athletic sense, let people lit playing of enthusiasm, this may is Durant and basketball shoes Durant 5 war boots special of charm. Players insist the negotiations through the night without a contract according to players previously expected procedures, and southern steel after signing cannot be completed, followed by the provincial sports Bureau opened deregistration certificates, but they hope to eventually

Have been dashed. Yesterday morning, the players began to contact with provincial sports Bureau, was the answer is--do not open. In fact, players will stay until yesterday, and "balls" has returned the kick to the provincial sports Bureau. For a variety of reasons, provincial sports Bureau would not give the players a deregistration certificate, and  air jordan 6 retro mens  before that, provincial sports Bureau stakeholders had indicated that it would not intervene for the players transfer. Such a result, give us some extreme psychological gap. A player on the phone said: "our players are vulnerable groups, walking away is out of our control. "Another player app a message that:" who walk away, bullied an honest man. "Last night, Jinling evening news reporter contact when players understand that, although no one in Nanjing signed the contract, but their psychological" anti-

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